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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by tobymac420, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. So I currently own a grow labs 2x2 tent. I have had it for about 3 or 4 years and done alot of grows in it. I fell now it is time to upgrade tents seeing as the last few grows I have done they look like they wanna just bust out of the tent they are so bushy. Heres what im looking for... I want a tent about 2x4 seeing as the room i have it in this one already almost blocks the door in so i dont want it any wider, just longer. I am willing to spend around like $140. I know thats not alot but i dont wanna drop stupid cash like i did on my grow labs and name means nothing to me as far as the tent. It needs to have ventilation as well but im sure almost all tents come with this. I was looking on Amazon but im just confused because every tent that says its 2x4 seems to have diffrent messurments. Also i would like the tent to be around 6' to 7' Tall. Thanks guys

    Toby Mac
  2. Check on greners. I bought a DR60 its awesome !
  3. I would recomend staying away from the cheap amazon gyo tents from led wholesalers. After 5 months the roof supports broke on mine causing my 20lb filter to fall on a bunch of sprouts.
  4. I got my 4x8' from this place. I love it and it's stronger then I expected. With the bedroom dark and the 1k light running in the tent I can see maybe a dozen pin holes on it. /shrug, not a biggie for me, the bedroom is dark during lights out so no light leaking in anyway, even if they are big enough to let low power light in. Under budget, and ships quickly

    Virtual Sun Grow Tent - 48'' x 24'' x 60''VS4800-24
  5. I went with the adviti (sp?) tent, 4x2x5. Can't find one taller thats not a ridiculous amount of money. Vertical space is limited, but otgerwise I love it. Great price, amazon prime eligible. No fancy bells and whistles. I would not attach uour filter to it, as its only so strong.

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