Help me find a good low power HU/amp.

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    My future audio set up in my 1990 Miata will be as follows:

    (4) 3.5" Legacy Audio headrest speakers - 30W RMS (2 speakers in each seat)
    -Powered by the head unit

    (2) 6.5" Kicker door speakers - 65W RMS
    (2) Aurora Pro Bass Shakers - 50W RMS
    -Powered by an amp

    Now my question is, as I'm not that knowledgeable about amps and head units (installing yes, brands/etc no), what would be a good head unit that would send out 30W RMS power to each headrest speaker, and a good amp that would send out 50W RMS power to each door speaker/bass shaker?

    Additionally, would the 15W difference between the amp and Kickers hinder the full potential of the Kickers? I assume not; I have a 50W x4 Clarion HU powering them as well as the 4 Legacies, and I'm pleased with the sound.

    Oh, the head unit....ideally I'd like for it to have CD player and/or iPod jack but a tape player's fine, I have an iPod adapter.
  2. I love my alpine deck. it was a great price as well. there is one alpine unit that plays nothing but mp3 and ipod i believe. there are alot of good brands out there. just shop around for the best price. im sure the head unit is capable of what your asking. if not i would get a small 4 channel amp to get what your wanting out of the speakers

    search for iDA-X305
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    Your prolly better off finding a amp that puts out the 30 watts rms VS a head unit. The amp will deliver much cleaner power equaling louder sound and better quality. Most headunits don't put out as much as it says on the box anyways. If your looking for a good 50W amp for you door speakers you should check out the mb quart dsc450. Def not top of the line but it will get the job done.
    and also using a amp 15 watts lower than what your speakers can take is often a GOOD thing. There is significantly smaller chance of blowing them. Most speakers reccomend getting 70 to 95% of their power handling and your right in that range.

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