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  1. Because space is limited and so is money i need to know what you guys think should be my next piece.. I don't want anything to big like anything bigger than 14 inches is out of the question.. Here is a few pieces i was considering..

    Between these two which is the best?

    Jet-Flash Smoke System - Sale Items - Specials - English -

    I was also considering these too:

    Double Bubbler Bong 2.0 with Shower-Head Diffuser - English -

    Percolator Bong Blue - Black Leaf - English -

    If you guys know any other good glass give me some idea's! I want a bong or bubbler that all my buddies will drool over. I love percolated bongs too :smoke: I love rasta stuff too by the way! I also intend on buying a few attachments for the pieces like ash catchers and etc, unless i get the helix or the jet flash
  2. either the black leaf elite or the blue black leaf. both solid bongs with nice perculation
  3. That Helix thing looks sick, I want it.
  4. The helix is ill i smoked off of one the other day with my local headshop owner and it blew my mind by how smooth it was and how baked i got haha!
  5. Is the beaker base worth the extra money on the black leaf elite?
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    Don't get a beaker if that has a perc. It will only add drag and make it less enjoyable to smoke from.

    The only good ones are the ones that FCFondler posted.
  7. for a cylindrical bottom and same quality glass?

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