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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Dench, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Right now I have a vapbong. I think it is a real POS and feel it was a waste of money.:mad:

    I am looking for a new vape.. a real vape my sons.

    I have been looking at the MFLB and the solo. The Solo IMO looks way better in looks and performance but is it worth the extra money? The MFLB looks pretty good for pocket carry and what not but the batterys look like they could be a real pain in the ass. It also seems pretty ghetto with pressing the battery in and out to reach the right temperature or am I wrong?

  2. I'd go with a volcanco. I just recently used one and its worth every penny!
  3. check out the herbalaire... I have one and everyone at my school loves it. You can do bags or whip or assisted whip...we plug the whip into a bong and turn the pump on and it works amazingly. Just finished a nice pack of blue dream:bongin:
  4. MFLB works great... i sat in my room n vaped on n off for hours while my parents walked in few times i just hid it and they knew nothing... batterys r easy to use... place in for about 2 seconds hit it then take out and clear for excess ... comes with battery charger also and only need one battery at a time so always have extra fully charged batteries... i reccommend this

  5. Sounds good. That is awesome that they did not smell anything.
  6. Yeah its extremely lowkey... i just borrowed from friend for bout a month while he was away and i literally walked around my house using it... the only time it smelled at all was wen i ground up the bud to put it in , but once its in ur solid... wen i get bak from college im buying one hands down...
  7. 1. fuckcombustion
    2. research
    3. decide!

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