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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by PassTheJoint, May 22, 2006.

  1. First of all let me wish succesfull and potent growing to everyone:smoking:.
    After many years of consuming "questionable quality" mj, i have decided to grow my own:hello: . Actually i have already started growing about 50 days ago with a basic 120w cfl setup just to get more experienced on this new hobby of mine. This grow actually has been going better than expected and now i am left with one lovely flowering lady ( flowering for 10 days). I have got two problems now: 1) The bitch has hit the cab ceiling 2) The cfls are all cool-whites (i know i need the warm-whites for flowering).
    I am not going to bother anymore with cfls and i am taking the HID route in the following week, constructing ofcourse a new proper growbox;).
    I cannot decide however which way to go though. Either a 400w (or 600w) hps/MH veg-flower closet (one chamber) or a seperate flower/veg/clone box with a 250hps and cfls (veg/clone). The main concern on the building design is stealth. A closet (one chamber) is "stealth" enough but the veg/flower/clone "thing" has the advantages of scrog/sog/no males and crops every 2 months. I consume (alone or with friends) about 60 grams of shity weed every month but i assume that i will need less if it is proper home-grown ganja. What do you suggest my fellow smokers?:wave:
  2. OK, Being new, i can only SUGGEST, however:

    1) I would go with the HPS/MH Setup as that would get you through vegging and Flowering fro what i understand.

    2) Since your starting out, cloning may not be that big of a thing for you. I mean, if this is just a test run, and you are confined to that ammount of space, then that is what you have to live with.

    3) Lighting - I understand people say it's expensive, and I can see that however, there are places you can get cheaper lighting.

  3. Hello, I would say you should go with the 400 hps/mh. That is what I have and it works great. But I found with using a 2foot w /5foot long closet was too much. It got really hot and humid in there and I decided to use my room insted. If you had proper ventalation it should be fine tho. Even the 250 watt would be good for flower. Ofcourse the more watts the better the plant.
  4. Thank you for your replies. I decided that a 400w HPS/MH (switchable ballast) will do fine in a closet 6,5ft high with a growing area of 8 square foot. I am going to use a cool tube with a seperate venting system ( less stress on the carbon filter;)). Width and length of the closet will depend on the size of the pots i am going to use (got to go to the garden store). I will post a design soon.
    As i said i have already a lady flowering (my first one:D) with 120w of cool whites. Since the new grow box will be finished in about 10-15 days time, i am getting warm whites today to replace the cool ones. And yesterday i had to tie her down, i know you are not supposed to do this during flowering but it was the only option as i run out of growing space. Good thing is she wasn't stunned and adapted overnight. If get my camera working i will post some pictures in about 10 hours time.

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