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Help Me Cure My Moms Pain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ChronicCloud420, May 30, 2013.

  1. My mom recently was diagnosed with chronic arthritis and she's been bed ridden for a week now. She was prescribed anti inflammatory medication and vicoden but it's not helping her. I heard that if you put weed in rubbing alcohol and rub it on your skin it helps relieve pain, is this true? I don't want to get my mom high I just want to give her relief. I believe the term is a tincture? If you could link me a thread/sticky for making a tincture it'd be much appreciated! Thanks blades!

  2. Look up Granny Storm Crow, she has tons of information about treatment options, I'm sure she'll post some info in here soon. Best wishes to your mother.

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    Here you go, hon- tincture and rubs!
    Cannamist Tincture Recipe, and Instructions on How to Convert THCA Into THC
    (forum thread - 2008)
    Tincture info from Aussie Ganja Faerie       (forum thread - 2009))
    Marijuana Tincture       (article & video – 2010)
    Homemade hemp salve       (forum thread - 2005)
    WR's Cannabalm       (forum thread - 2008)
    Making HAO~Holy Annointing Oil~From Healing Hemp Oil~for Pain & Healing     (forum thread - 2009)
    Topical Cannabis Healing Salve       (recipe – 2010)
    Medical Marijuana Topical Balm Recipe for Eczema, Sore Joints, PMS Cramps
    (recipe – 2011)
    One of those should do it! The very first mention that I ever found about using cannabis medically, was a reference to little old ladies in Mexico using a cannabis/tequila extract on their hands for arthritis!
  4. Thank you Big_Daddy and Storm Crow, I appreciate the help! I attempted to give you guys rep but with the update on the site I have no clue how to lol.
  5. This is why i have a gc account im glad people can get great info on here. Not just have 14 year ilds ask why kind of weed they bought haha
  6. maybe she should get high it relives, dosnt get rid of it but it sure hides the pain i have arthruatice in my wrist because i masturbate too much true story
    i think rep is correlated with "likes" now
    either that or its been taken away completely; though i do stil seem to have a green icon by my name and ive seen red elsewhere...
  8. These tutorials are what you need, to help your mum :)
    Day 5 - April 20
     Below is the Cannabis World Summit edition of my "BadKat's CannaPharm", alternatively you can click through to Day 5 above to view my content there. :)
     Here ya go! Vol. #s 1, 4 & 5, "Decarboxylation", "Medical Grade Canna Oil", and if you want to go the extra length, "Powerful Topical Bone Bars", are the tutorials you're looking for if you want to give her a powerful topical treatment, which works synergistically with the medicinal phytochemicals contained in other essential oils. The good news is that, if you can't afford all those essential oils, and if you don't want to bother with things like beeswax, all you really 'need' is your canna oil and lecithin. :)
     Coconut oil and especially lecithin are much more effective than alcohol when it comes to promoting absorption, both are used pharmaceutically to enhance both the transdermal (topical) and oral bioavailability or absorption of different medications, and by making a canna oil this way, it can allow your medicine to penetrate up to several inches below the surface of the skin, with or without all the 'extras' suggested in the topical tutorial!
     BadKat's CannaPharm : The Cannabis World Summit Edition...
    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 1: Decarboxylation" by BadKittySmiles
    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 2: Flowering & Revegetated Clones" by BadKittySmiles
    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 3: Hash Machine Demo" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 4: Medical Grade Oil" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 5: Powerful Topical Bone Bars" by BadKittySmiles

    BadKittySmiles World Summit Preview.. Medical Grade Canna Oil, Hash, Edibles, Cloning and more!

    BadKittySmiles - GrassCity - Cannabis World Summit - Comment to WIN FREE SIGNED BeeLine Hemp Wick!
    And if streaming video is difficult for your computer or your internet connection, here are the original photo tutorial versions, directly from the CannaPharm sticky here at GC. :)
     If you're looking for Phoenix Tears/RSO, with improved bioavailability, less waste, and best of all, that utilizes a safe food-grade solvent, please see the concentrate tutorial below for an ethyl alcohol extraction, transferred to coconut oil!

    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Cannabis Concentrate (Edible & Smokable recipes included... similar to RSO/Phoenix Tears & BHO, but bioavailable & made with food grade/drinking alcohol)

    -Medical Grade Cannabis Concentrate-


    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Hash Oil (starting with dry-sift hash, same as capsule recipe, oil can also be used for cooking)

    Med-Grade Hash Oil


    BadKat's Highly Activated & Bioavailable, Med-Grade Canna Oil (starting with flowers/bud/trim etc)

    Med-Grade Canna Oil

     Edibles could be very beneficial for your mother as well, so why not make her a little treat so long as you're already making canna oil? :) Just set some aside for your topical, and you can use the rest for a tasty treat. :D


     Those recipes (and many others!) can also be found in the CannaPharm sticky/pinned thread, over in the edible section. :)
     Good luck! :)
  9. Topical salves do not get you high. Don't tell her it has marijuana in it. Just try it on her and see what happens. Good luck!

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