help me confirm sex with pics

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  1. I have a feeling they look like males but just want to comfirm with some second guesses. This is day 6 of 12/12. So far looks like I have 1 female, 3 males and 3 not showing anything yet. Hopefully the pics will show up good.

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  2. im sorry to tell ya man i think theyre males too
    pretty sure i can see them nasty little sacks we all hate to see:(
  3. To early to tell but I think those "sacks" are going to shoot pistils. Looks like female but still to early. I dunno though first pic looks male.
  4. Too early, imo.
  5. Yea, I almost chopped a couple of them but decided that waiting till day 10-12 would show me some more. The pics are of two plants. I think only one pic is from one plant and the rest are from various points on the same plant. Some of them looked like they might pop a hair so I decided to wait. I am thinking I have three males, I know I have one female. There are three more but just barely showing. I think they are female though. I was hopeing for four females so that would be cool. My goal is a quarter pound, but being my first grow I would be happy with an ounce that tasted and smoked good.

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