Help me confirm Mag Def? New grower.

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  1. What's the condition of the water you're using?

    I had similar growth when I was using my tap water. My tap water is 350 ppm. Maybe you've got hard water.
  2. Im gonna go with potassium or
    Manganese defiency

    See this chart
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    sry doublepost
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    After testing my water with the following:
    .. it frothed up super quick. Unless there is a more scientific test I can do right this second.. I'd say i dont have hard water.

    I use well water thats been chlorinated. It sits outside in a big tub for days before use though.

    EDIT: Went and got some epsom.. mixed about a tablespoon into a gallon & water/sprayed a single plant to test its effects. Thoughts?
  5. Really would like to get the most insight I can. Applied a bit of magnesium, wondering how long I should expect to wait.. assuming it even warrants results. The water here is definitely soft. Going to get a ph tester as soon as possible as well as some cal-mag. Please assist me in making these plants as great as they can be.

  6. Hard water will have alot of calcium and magnesium in it. It will leave hard water stains on glass and other surfaces. First thing I would check is your PH run off, if its to high certain nutes will get locked out and vice versa if its to low.
  7. Went and got a PH soil probe today. My ph is in the correct range for nutrient absorption. In the same batch of plants, there are ones that are perfectly coloured and growing just fine.. there are just three or so with yellowing edges. Anyone else have a chance to look at my pics?
  8. Cheap soil PH probes arent known for accuracy. When I first started growing I tried a $20 one and it rarely moved off of 6.8 but shortly after that I got a good digital pen meter and my PH was closer to 7.2. The PH was off just enough to be causing problems.
  9. I'll look into that today. But if it was an issue with the water.. wouldn't more than 3/16 plants be showing troubled signs? Correct me if im wrong in assuming this.
  10. If your on municple water you can contact them and they will be able to tell you if you have soft or hard water. If its soft water ask them what their using to treat the water to make it soft.

  11. comes straight out of a well on the property and through some contraption that sterilizes it with a lick of chlorine. We don't pay the city for water.
  12. I would let your tap water sit out for 24 hours to evaporate the chlorine.
    Are they all the same strain? Some strains can be more sensitive then others.
    When you water or feed do you water it till you have about 20% run off? This helps reduce salts that build up in the soil and helps cause PH problems which can result in certain nutrients getting locked out. If you can afford a good digital meter, some PH Up & Down solutions and some calibration solution that would give you alot more accurate readings and more controll of the PH.
  13. No particular strain. As this is my first grow.. I decided to work with some bagseed til my "thumb got green". Of course the variance in genetics would vary the results when using the same stuff across the board.. how novice of me. My apologies.

    I'll be getting an appropriate digital meter and solutions as soon as I can afford it. But until I do.. is it hopeless? If I cant be completely sure of the soil/water ph and thereby ensuring the nutrients will be absorbed... are all my actions in vain?

    Assuming I haven't watered til there was 20% runoff but have watered recently say.. in the past day or two, should i flush/water now... before they need it, or wait til next watering period to make sure there is the appropriate amount of runoff?

    Tplat, I appreciate all your help.
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    Not hopeless, it looks like your PH problems are in its early stages. What was your PH reading with the soil probe? Wait on watering again or flushing again for the time being.

    What kind of soil and nutes are you using. Those are a couple of questions that were missed. Do you have a hydro store near you? As for PH, you want to PH what goes in and PH test what comes out, what comes out is the most important PH reading, it tells you the PH of your soil. Wal Mart and aqaurium stores sell drop test kits that I would trust more then a soil probe, see link below for an example of one from a hydro store. Walmart sell one for like $5.00 and will test Ph and will have a little color chart to compare to. To adjust Ph there are various ways to do so but I just use some PH Up or PH down depending on what it needs. The big bottles of each are around $12.00 or so but last a long time as it doesnt take alot to adjust the PH. General Hydroponics GH1514 Ph Control Kit: Patio, Lawn & Garden
  15. PH reading on the probe was a tick past 6.5. Watched it dip a decent way down from neutral 7. .. I had a chance to buy the strip tests.. but thought since I was going to be doing alot of tests.. it would be more cost effective to get the probe.. live and learn

    Just a basic Mix of Jiffy All-Purpose potting mix Plus & 20% Pachamama worm Castings is what I'm using atm.
  16. Does it say on your bag of soil if it has nutes in it? There big enough for nutes and the worm castings your using that I looked up only have a small amount of nitrogen. Quite often deficiencys are caused by nutes getting locked out due to PH problems, if its not a PH problem then its not being fed enough of a good nute mix. My first grow I had problems that looked just like yours but they were getting fed a good nute mix but the PH was off.
  17. As for Chlorine in the water that shouldn't be a problem as it evaporates within 15 minutes, they recommend to leave it for 24 hours because it makes sure it's gone, and also lets the water sit and become room temperature.
  18. minimal nutes. %0.0025 minimal. heh. They're about two weeks old now I think.. guess its time fer' some supplements.
  19. Yeah thats pretty minimal and the soil may not be very well PH balanced. Our very first grow that was also indoors we used some brand from Lowes dont recall the name. It also had time release nutes in it that were also pretty low but it was still a pain in the ass after we went from a soil ph meter to a digital one to keep the soils PH in a good range. It was a learning experience in learning about PH in and PH run off readings and about what are good ways to test PH and with what.

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