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  1. So I'm going to a jungle-themed mixer party in about a week and a half, and I want to come up with a unique idea for a costume. Pretty much everyone does the Tarzan/Jane thing, so I want to come up with a good idea. I can't do ape, because someone already decided to do that (though I'm open to possibly being a different animal). Do any blades with creativity or experience have any ideas for me?
  2. A Hunter, A native(of the jungles of ?), A safari guide, Cheetah, Zebra.... Male or female would help
  3. I'm male btw
  4. dude get an old english looking safari outfit with a fake mustache and monicle
  5. Go as robin williams from jumanji.

    Go for the hairy, dirty, 'just popped out of the board game/time travel' look.


    He looked rugged and jungly
  6. Go as a monkey and fling your shit at people.
  7. [quote name='"TheDankDude"']Go as a monkey and fling your shit at people.[/quote]

    OP's not real enough haha
  8. A jungle party?

    Will everyone there be cool with weed?

    Go to a place where they sell fake plants and tie a bunch of them all around you like in the commando movies. You'll be a walking plant.

    It will be even better if you find ones that look like pot leafs.
  9. Here's some jungle for you

    [ame=]DEMOLITIONMAN JUNGLE BUSS ME - YouTube[/ame]
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    How about a costume like this british guy on safari with the hat & all

    If you can find a whip, that will add some bling


  11. You could close this thread man, found the perfect costume + ill guarantee you score the most pussy there if you rock this..

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  12. safari guide is a good idea.

    how bout a banana?
  13. be the dude from Ace Ventura 2 who calls Ace "White Devil"

    couldn't find him but this is close enough


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