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help me chose new strains to grow & breed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pokernaut, Aug 18, 2008.

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    i'm planning for my second attempt at a multi strain grow that will include breeding. the 1st time i tried, i wiped out my stock by pruning it to death so i could get leaf smoke because i didn't have a connection and haven't smoked regularly for some 10 years by now often going a few years at a time smoking NOTHING.

    now i have at least two different connections to keep me away from my stock and want to do a complete grow as soon as temperatures start dropping by fall. i'm a total sativa lover, but i also want to find an AWESOME, and DIFFERENT indica to tame some DIFFERENT sativas for a sort of skunk #1. that means no afghani or northern lights #5 as they are in just about EVERYTHING. i really like the troublemaker (hindu kush X master kush) freebies doc sent me when i 1st pruned those, but i only had one viable seed left by the time i started the last grow and i think it's too stunted now to recover and i don't even know it's sex. the thing i liked about it was it's extreme potentcy and that it's couchlocking wasn't of the put you to sleep sort but more a euphoric numbing. i want the most compact and potent indica i can find that's euphoric & anti-anxiety without being a sleepfest as i'm aiming at a total sativa THC profile. BTW, the sativas i planned on using were malawi gold for it's potent psychoactivity and lemon flavor along with also lemony burmese for it's being a compact "pure sativa"

    the 1st breeding session i'll be using a C99 splash male if i can get mine to recover or a pure C99 by joey weed if i can't as it's the most compact & stealthy plant i know of that smokes like a pure sativa. i'd like to create something just like that, but with more flavor and less paranoia.

    i DEFINATELY do not want any "extra skunky" strains as i hate indicas so much that just smelling skunky is enough to rub me the wrong way so i wouldn't even consider super silver haze or diesel etc. i'm also looking for interesting flavors. i don't think i'll consider blueberry even thought it's the most popular strain ever because i hate the taste of blueberries. double that for licorice flavored durban poison which gives me dry heaves. i'm thinking of trying to find the purps (similar to blueberry, but GRAPE) or maybe juicy fruit (similar too, but tutti fruity)

    right now i have these seeds in my collection:
    (A11g X lien huanh) X A11g
    kali mist ****
    lowdown mystery (lowryder X ???)
    haze skunk
    buddha's sister

    i plan on rebuying:
    california orange
    pure power plant
    but NEVER from kindseed/VISC again as i only got one fucking viable seed for my fucking $55! next time i'll probably get it from reeferman or a dutch co.

    i'm considering adding:
    mexican sativa
    white rhino
    by kulu and NOT kc brains!

    i'm considering either hindu kush or master kush as my indica breeder, but am not sure what the difference is or if they'd be as potent as troublemaker with it's hybrid vigor. another indica i'm considering is bubba kush for it's extreme compact stature, but maybe i might use lowdown mystery too. it flowers super fast and gets really skunky, so it might be potent... only testing will tell.

    i'd appreciate any more recommendations you might have to offer to increase the diversity of my collection and/or offer improvements. what strains would YOU like to see bred? just remember, i'm avoiding skunky like the plague so no AK-47 etc. i'm also not looking for a bunch of $200 strains either, so $20 nirvanas & other banks' half packs are most welcome.

    thanks a million to anyone who responds to this thread.

    BTW... i'm planning on trying to work out a deal with doc to give away my strains as freebies and giving grasscity members priority (choice?). weed shouldn't be about making money and giving away awesome genetics is my way to fight the greedy bastards that turn one fucking plant into $10,000 in seeds! BS! so bear in mind that anything you recommend could be something that you actually can eventually get yourself for free with any purchase at docs, but 1st i have to grow it.

    my total seed budget will be around $300 and $150 of that might end up being burmese & C99! fortunately nirvana, sativa seedbank & kulu etc. offer reasonably priced beans.
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    Just thought I would share that I recently did a little bit of breeding. I let a male THC bomb (I believe PPP and big bud) polenate a thai stick female. I call it Thai Bomb :) Should be an awesome combo.

    EDIT: Maybe you could do some purple strain (urkel maybe) with that Kali mist or even matanuska tundra with the mist mmmmmmmmm....
  3. #3 pokernaut, Aug 20, 2008
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    purple strains LOOK good, but from all of my reading, they generally don't smoke that great, kinda like overrated white widow. i wouldn't mind getting my hands on some pure oregon purple thai though.

    i have plenty of sativa variety in my collection and on my shopping list, but what i really want is an awesome compact indica to bring the size of some IBL sativas down in the future and for variety. i'd love to get more troublemaker, but it's $60. i got my 1st ones as freebies. that shit was super potent and euphoric, just what a heart pounding paranoid sativa needs.

    i'm thinking that C99 X kali mist will be some awesome shit! KM's total anti-anxiety euphoric buzz will tame some of C99's paranoia while C99's quick & compact growth pattern will speed KM up and pineapple/red pepper sounds yummy in theory.

    i think i'll end up just getting nirvana white rhino & hindu kush and between those and lowdown mystery, whatever strain has the best buzz and growth pattern will be what i breed with. i also considered cali-o originally as orange & lemon would work great, but nirvana cali-o looks like it has alot of sativa in it already. maybe it would work better in a 50:50 cross than a 25:75 like i intended to do with a pure indica. i'd just like to build a totally original strain from the ground up using genetics that aren't as common. i think it would look like (hindu kush X malawi gold) X burmese

    BTW, i definately like the sound of your cross. be sure to give us all a nice detailed smoke report when it's done. it's too bad that most growers only want cash crap indicas.

    keep the sativa faith my brotha!


    how about calling it da bomb? while not as friendly sounding, when i think thailand and bombs, i think napalm.
  4. You sound like you know what you want and all those crosses sound awesome. By the way, I love the name Napalm, I might just have to steal that. :D
  5. you should consider checking out mandala seeds. their "speed queen" or "hashberry" are supposed to be stellar sativa genetics , without the anxiety, that taste and smell very fruity. i have a white satin female and she smells like pineapples. the seeds are cheap, and its some great genetics.
    as for crosses, i would go with bubblegum and hashberry. it would be an awesome cross of two perfectly stable strains. basically, i would read up on mandala strains and pick which sounds best....sounds like youre going to have some fun man!
  6. I find the Nirvana strains to be "fun" to breed with, as you never know what in the hell you will come out with. Supposedly their is a purple pheno skunk #1 lineage to almost (or) everything they have done (which is why purple phenos will pop out on numerous strains of theirs. I have heard a lot of good things about the papaya being a mostly indica stone with a nice tropical flavor. That would have to be good mixed with some citrus-y sativa action.

    The bubble gum strains have always intrigued me too, but in my 1 attempt at breeding with the Nirvana bubblicious, strange things kept happening and it was hard to retain the bubble gum flavor of the mother in the offspring - even after backcrossing. I never got to the second backcross on that project -- maybe that would have done it.

    I know what you mean about the NL #5 and the Afghani being everywhere (same as skunk #1 - even in Nirvana strains that don't advertise it!), but I have broken down and went back to them. You just can't deny the power of that lineage, and obviously that is why every breeder keeps going back.
  7. #7 pokernaut, Aug 21, 2008
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    of course NL#5, afghani & skunk #1 are popular for a reason, but i'd still like to breed with different strains, 1 to be original and 2 to guarantee hybrid vigour to anyone who uses my babies in THEIR breeding program.

    i've heard about SK#1 being used in many nirvana crosses too, but i can say this... the pure power plant, bubblicious & california orange skunks of theirs i popped were 100% viable (unlike 10 fucking % burmese from visc/kindseed) and they were quite vigerous to boot.

    actually, i'd like to find another cali-O elsewhere to avoid the possible SK#1 pollution, but no-one i know of has ever done a side by side comparison of the various knockoffs. i'd like to get the best cali-O possible so hopefully i can get other orange flavored strains. an orange sativa was my 1st breeding goal.

    as to another trippy strain, i think i should have that covered with C99 which is right up their with thai etc. from all of my reading, but doable indoors.

    i was thinking of bubba kush because cannabible said it was euphoric and would probably be the smallest plant in one's garden which is just what i'm looking for to tame IBL sativas in my next round of breeding. malawi gold is my top contender, but i might try reeferman's vietnamese strains and mexicans too, but those have been used alot too in haze & SK#1, but no-onne has bred with malawi gold (except malawi mini) that i'm aware of and burmese has been proven in a few rare strains like burmaberry & burmese X fuckin' incredible and is more indoor friendly than any other IBL sativa except durban poison. i really wish licorice wasn't so disgusting to me because the real sativa buzz from it nearly brought a tear to my to my then 15 year sativa starved eyes.

    i'll have to do some research on speed queen. that one might be a contender, but i was really liking doc's troublemakers. even as leaf trim, that shit was fucking potent and didn't make me tired, just numb & happy.

    you're right too... i'll definately have fun with this grow. it will be a blast to be able to compare a bunch of different strains side by side and give y'all the kind of DETAILED smoke reports NO-ONE ever seems to do. fuck all those grow reports that are nothing but pics and discussion about nutrient levels! tell us how the fucking shit smokes with more descriptive adjectives than "man that shit was dank!" LOL

    i'll tell you about flavor, potency, trippiness level, couchlock level, how long it lasts, how quick it hits, how harsh it is, how expansive it is, how paranoid, munchies, horniness, happiness, confusion, creativity etc.!

    i'll really be happy too that the next grow will be the 1st one i ever finish now that i have a connection AND a backup! i've tried to grow nearly 1/2 a dozen times by now, but i always give into my cravings and pluck new leaflettes for daily smoke until the plants get rootbound, stress out and die. believe me, i'm not proud of my previous grows.

    i DID get some of the best smoke i ever had after thai disappeared from my 1st bagseed grow. i had at least a dozen strains in it from flat out skunks to a few different mexican commercial strains. every day for a couple months i'd have 3-4 nice one hitters with no couchlock.

    thanx everyone for the latest input.

    BTW, if you want to see how to fuck up a grow that starts out awesome, check out my 1st grow report at

    damn, grasscity hides the fucking URLs under a search ID when you try to find an old thread so you can't post the URL. i had to try a few things to get to the proper URL. one time i did something to re-open the page in a new window and i think refresh did it this time.

    hey... just checked out what i could find about speed queen... it turns out it has an orange/citrus pheno! it isn't heavily couchlocking either. hey, THAT'S a good reason to try it... compact AND tasty! thanx again for the heads up. i'll have to re-read it's cannabible entry, but i might try that. besides, i like the idea of having several seedbanks represented in my grow too.

    glad you liked napalm... go for using it. just send me a thank you if you do unlike those bastids that used my recommendations for bubblefunk & edelweiss! i love coming up with names. you should hear the ones i came up wiuth for my own shit.
    Wet Pussy - C99 X C99 (Cinderella Splash X Cinderella Splash)
    Astronuggets - C99 X A11g (Apollo 11 mission)
    K9 Bitch - C99 X Kali Mist (K = Kali Mist, 9 = C99)
    Powerpuff - C99 X Pure Power Plant (PowerPUFF Girls & Power Plant)
    G-Spot - C99 X Burmese (sativas get ME off, C99 X PURE sativa)
    Heavy Petting - C99 X Haze Skunk (pet skunk? just sounds cool)
    Edible Panties C99 X Buddha's Sister (Cinderella X tangy cherry)
    Candy-O - C99 X Cali-O (a Cars song, considered Cindy-O too)
    Glass Bubble - C99 X Bubblicious (glass slipper & bubble gum)
    Space Cadet - C99 X Troublemaker (kush is potent and numbingly spacey)
    Dynomutt - C99 X Mixed Sativa (C99 + lien huanh AND a mixed sativa = mutt... & Dynomutt = obscure robo-dog cartoon superhero)
    Pussy Fart - C99 X Lowdown Mystery (LM starts stinking BAD before 2nd leafset! "Stank Ass Ho"?)
  8. burmese is a good one, I got that from wild rose. another viable option from wild rose (if you dig sativa like I do), is wild west. quite possibly my favourite smoke of all time. early finisher, hairs turn yellow normally, incredibly uplifting cerebral high. hairs can even go bright neon red if you expose them to 5 degree weather for a few days, make sure to be careful there though.

    white rhino
    kush (any variety really)
    jack herer

    anyone else enjoy giving plants the molasses dosage?
  9. Cinderella 99. I know a couple places to get seeds.
  10. my C99 splashes are SLOWLY starting to produce larger & larger leaves, but they also keep burning & dying. i'm guessing it's from being rootbound. i need to try some cloning gel next. if i can just get the main stem to root, i can start them over and then take clones from that. if not, i'll just get joey weed's pineapple pheno C99.

    that OTHER sativa you mention from wild rose sounds interesting if it's different from the other strains i'm considering. i'll have to research that one. all i know is not to buy burmese from visc/kindseed again and malawi gold from seedsman. someone here said that got total schwag from him.

    i tried researching speed qiueen to no avail. i got typical grow reports online that talk about everything but the fuckin' SMOKE REPORT as usual and the cannabible entry i was looking for was EARLY queen and not speed queen. i'm still considering it though.

    bubba kush is supposed to be awesome in pure compact form, but according to canna B, it's been hybridized for yield in some seeds.

    i hate it when people sell hybridized seeds as originals! if you're going to add new genes, admit it! a polluted strain becomes even more of a problem when YOU'RE trying to use it for your own breeding.

    oh well... that's the way it goes.
  11. juicy fruit x blueberry or bubble gum

    some kind of trainwreck x rhino x c99 or blueberry
  12. If you haven't tried it, try a Big Bud strain! Not the most potent, but definantly a grower's friend! I garuntee you wont be dissapointed! It's just an all-around FUN plant to grow. Was my first and it treated me right.
  13. the thing with big bud is that you can't get the real deal unless you know an elite grower/breeder. all of the big bud beans out there are either fakes or diluted knockoffs according to cannabible. that pretty much seems to be the deal with ANY strain out there. even from barney's itself, the only buddha's sister i could get was a G13/haze cross!

    i do think i'll try speed queen. i checked on my earlier window shopping notes and saw it in my list as well as it's nice $29 price! i would likely have blown it off if it was $50+.

    as to juicy fruit... i'm on the same page, kinda as i'd love to get hold of some berry juice (bubblegum X juicy fruit)... i think, but i'm pretty sure any juicy fruit cross i find is going to be $80+. if i really wanted to get "the shit", i'd go with mother's finest (haze, jack herer, juicy fruit & maple leaf indica)... that's some nice lineage and there are at least 3 phenos including juicy fruit! it's also $100+

    what i'd REALLY like to get is PURE the purps. it's $100+, but is one of cannabibles top 3 faves. it's grapier than grape krush and has an awesome euphoric buzz... perfect for taming C99 paranoia and i love the taste of grapes. i just can't stand bitter. to me, peacand raspberry are hideous.

    i'm going to have to reserve my big spending for more burmese and maybe C99 if i can't get my splash runts to clone.

    i think i'll go with nirvana white rhino. i've heard nothing but good reviews of that and one grower claimed it was the best shit he's ever smoked and WR is considered to be better than white widow and one of it's best crosses.

    i need to do some research to read some grow/smoke reports to find other choices. i might also stretch my budget some for the best cali-o. if nirvana's has SK#1 in it, then it won't carry the flavor over too well in further crosses. i'm thinking i might go for dutch passion cali-o because the dutch have a reputation for breeding for sweetness so even if it's a diluted cross, it will be bred with something else that's tasty.

    thanx for your continued input. i'll PM everyone that's responded to let you know my final choices when i make them and where to find my next grow report if you're interested.

    there's a small chance i might grow some afropips durban poison for variety, but that would DEFINATELY be bud i give away. i love it's buzz, but hate it's flavor. to anyone who does like the taste of licorice though, it's VERY authentic and exotic shit! it should be much more well known. it really does taste just like you're smoking a stick of licorice.

    i can't wait to smoke some bud i've grown myself.
  14. Speed Queen is so generic. Vic's High knockoff that wasn't too good from the start. Very gimmicky.

    You know Cinderella 99 seeds are available right now right? I figured you'd be all over this one.
  15. jesus, id say anything you pick will be great
  16. sweet tooth and super silver haze...maybe try dannyboy i heard thats suppose to be crazy, or c99. right now i have some lieu hanhxc99. hasnt even started budding takes forever but i can tell it will be some trippy shit.
  17. Super Silver Haze :)
  18. Cross white rhino and bubblegum and call it pink rhino. thats probably already been done
  19. i don't want anything to do with super silver haze or it's sibling jack herer. they lean too much towards indica and SSL in particular gets skunky which i find annoying. i'm totally aware of SSLs record for most cannabis cups of any strain, but i can't wrap my head around skunky. C99 has less couchlock and is more stealthy... just what i want. for the same reasohn i don't want anything to do with sour diesel either. it gets skunky too and diesel is nasty.

    i think i actually smoked some diesel or a hybrid a couple weeks ago. it had a nasty truck stop taste to it, but the high was the best i ever had in 25 years! it was totally alert and slightly trippy too. at one point i saw a time lapsed sunset when i closed my eyes.

    if C99 is "just like sour D but without the flavor" as i've read, then i'd rather smoke C99. pineaple = yummy, diesel = an abomination to this tree hugger.

    as to buying new C99s. i'm still hoping i won't have to. if i can clone my splashes before they die, i've already sexed a fem and hope one of the other 2 is a male. if that falls through then i'll do joey weed or reeferman if he's restocked. i might even let C99 go as i have A11g with 25% haze/vietnamese which should be a nice step back to his C99 momma.

    the big challenge is finding the perfect indica for breeding. maybe if i buy enough beans, i can convince doc to send me a 2nd batch of troublemaker freebies. i can't swing $60, but that shit was the best indica i ever smoked! really strong and euphoric, if a bit numbing, but not narcotic and tiring. that's exactly what i'd like to balance against heart pounding trippy IBL sativas.

    as to bubblegum X white rhino, that would only happen if WR turns out to be superior breeding stock like troublemaker. i'm not doing individiual crosses. all of my crosses will be simple bulk seedings. the 1st batch will be everything to a C99 splash male if all goes according to plan.

    my second was to be kali mist pollinating everything, but from what i've read, serious seeds feminizes their shit so i'd probably breed everything to an indica that round.

    thanx to juicy for the lowdown on speed queen. i'll probably end up just going with nirvana masterkush & white rhino along with sativa seedbank's paia hawaiian. their mixed sativa beans were TINY and took a little extra time to root, but once they did, the plants took off like motherfuckers!

    really, it seems that i have better luck with CHEAPER beans. 100% viability for nirvana, sativa seedbank & high quality seeds vs. 10% for $55 vancouver island, 80% for barney's $100, & 90% for serious. that's another reason i don't like expensive seeds besides the general feeling it's greedy BS.

    i'll be happy to give my crosses away in protest. LOL
  20. Cinderella 99's high is a lot more trippier than Sour Diesel's (I'm talking original Sour Diesel to).

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