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    I am looking for some undergraduate research opportunities and would like my fellow stoners to help me out and find a really awesome one. :smoke:

    I go to the University of Washington which has the second highest federal research funding in the nation (Johns Hopkins has us beat). This means that we have many research opportunities available to us. Cancer, malaria, stuttering, Parkinson's; you name it, we most likely have it.

    I am neurobiology and biochemistry major (going into the medical field) so anything that is within that general scope, bring it! Remember to post the name of the research and the department. :D

    Here is the list: Research Opportunities
  2. yooooo! choose stuttereing n send me the data/ reports if posssible, i had a serious stutter and around 5 yrs ago it started to diminsh but may reoccur from time to time, man now i want to go back do some research, shooot funding is a grwat way of looking at university oppurtuinities.
  3. I vote for Yogabot.

    All hail Yogabot.
  4. Molecular Pathogenesis of Hepatitis C, Dr David Gretch,, Laboratory Medicine.

    It's fairly relevant to your field, sounds interesting and educational.

    Qualified students will work for credit in Laboratory Medicine 499. They will be trained in PCR techniques, RNA extraction from patient specimens, running agarose gels, plasmid transfer and/or data analysis for DNA sequencing as well as troubleshooting experiments and maintaining detailed lab notebooks.

    We are looking for students with flexible schedules that can work at Harborview Medical Center at least 15 hours a week. Ideal candidates have excelled in Biology 302 or equivalent courses and have previous laboratory research experience. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn from experienced laboratory technicians and faculty. Please email your resume and transcript to the contact and program director Dr. David Gretch at and Cc: Matt Maria at
  5. Analysis of Brain Images

    Keyword in there. Maybe some quality break time? :ey:

    But yeah brain imaging sounds absolutely incredible to me. It's like being able to read thoughts...

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