Help me choose my first bong!

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  1. Hey guys, I've recently decided to get my first bong! I'm not exactly a novice smoker, but I just can't decide on what to buy! I know I want nice quality glass, preferably with a perc, something that will last me a few years. It can't be super huge though, because I need to be able to keep it discreetly. Maybe a 16 inch max? That's probably the biggest that I can hide. My budget is 200-350 dollars. Any help is great guys! :smoke: :bongin:
  2. Get an SG Stemline.
  3. mobius nano matrix
  4. get an acrylic to start off with so u dont break anything valuable at first lol
  5. Well, I've had many custom hand pieces and I've never broken one before, plus I've grown accustom to taking care of bongs and watching them to make sure they don't fall. That's what happens when you hang out with people who's smallest bong is a 24 inch Zob with a Kind Creations ash catcher.

    Also, the Mobius is nice, but a bit over budget and the only place I saw to buy the SG Stemline was sold out of them.
  6. I'm looking at SYN right now and they seem to have some good shit. My fall back is just getting a HiSi at lhs.
  7. stone glass works waffle perc u wont regret it
  8. Haha, I actually decided on the SGW Waffle Perc V2
  9. winner

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