Help Me Choose GC--Gas Mask Or Bong!?

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  1. Out of these two options which one would you go for--the gas mask or the

    I don't have anything to smoke out of. No pipe, no bong, no nothing. So
    would it be a bad idea to spend my money on a gas mask? Do gas mask really
    even work that well? I already know of a place to buy one from for about
    $40 bones. Is that a good deal or not? Should I look harder for a better deal?

    This is such a tough choice Grass City so help a fellow toker out:D:cool::smoking:!!!
  2. Go for the bong. The gas mask is just a novelty.
  3. gas masks are one of the most pointless things ever.
    Get a bong, without a doubt.
  4. gas masks make your face absolutely disgusting.
  5. ill be the first gas mask cause it has a bong on it you can take of or at least mine does so win win :hello:

    zip it up and zip it out
  6. Fuck gas masks they burn the fuck out your eyes and make them so red.
  7. I rather go for the bong..

    gas mask is coo but only 2 use it 1s in a while kinda thing

  8. Bong.

    gg no re
  9. Looks like I'll be lookin' for a bong pretty soon.

    Is there anything in specific that I need to look for in a bong before I make my choice?
  10. find one without a carb hole.
    wide base for good footing.
    standard joint size for replacement parts.
    ice pinches are nice to have (just in case anything falls in ur tube. it could save ur stem)
  11. Word, gas masks are cool but you wouldn't want that to smoke out of all the time.

    When looking for a bong, make sure you are getting what you pay for. Don't get tricked into buying anything that is illegitimate(like a fake roor). Make sure the glass is sturdy. Glass on glass without rubber grommet if possible. Decent size you know. Look around.
  12. gas masks get old quick...the smoke gets your face really oily, it burns your eyes, its annoying to hit right.

    I gave away mine when i got it, not to mention its just like hitting a rubber/plastic bong, its disgusting when you're inhaling you can taste it.
  13. Buy A 250ml Ehle And Get the diffused downstem. cheap and ballin
  14. rubber grommets have always been fine.
    as long as therse a glass slider and not jsut a bowl.
  15. bong all the way, tried a gas mask once and probably won't try it again..not a big fan
  16. Bong for sure man. :bongin:
  17. i have a gas mask, a bong with a rubber grommet and 2 glass on glass bongs and let me tell you this the gas mask is in a closet somewhere i dont care cuz it was a waist of $30, the bong with the rubber grommet is empty on a shelf with no stem cuz it sucks BALLS, and the 2 glass on glass bongs with a/c's on them are sitting right next to where i sit everyday on this couch. so what is the moral of my story, well dont buy bull shit cuz its bull shit for a reason! go with a glass on glass bong or aka GonG. like someone said an elhe with a diffused stem and you will be good to go! Promise if not that than a WeedStar* should be good to start you off too, but whatever GonG you get make sure it has a diffuser down stem!!!

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