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Help! Main stem fell over with 2-3 weeks of flowering left!

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Tommatt, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I have a 13 week sativa that I"m guessing has 2-3 weeks of flowering left. The buds just now really started bulking up, most hairs are amberish. The hairs havn't started retreating yet, and its obvious it needs time to really fill out.

    I got home today and the main stem was folded over and on the ground due to the bulk of it. It was bent at a good 45 degree angle, and pinched pretty good. I tied it up, and the area it bent shows some discoloration, but feels strong although you can feel the pinch. What is going to happen? What should I do? Is it going to die out and I should just harvest what I have? (Theres some amber hairs, but the nugs would be small and fluffy.
  2. bambo.. and twistie ties... they sell plant stakes at walmart

    or use string and hold it up
  3. I'll go looking for some of those stakes. Right now I tied it up and the bend is gone and its straight up. Is it going to be ok?
  4. had light fixt fall on one of mine. bent at least 45 degree. i heard the crash and got to it right away. just bent it back up and it stayed. grew quite a bit more. heres what it looked like after a week. good luck.

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  5. once it fixes it self it should form a ring around the spot.
    that ring is actually stronger than the plant was originally. :):smoking:
  6. Could it have healed this quick? Theres a ring started and the pinch doesn't feel as bad. Maybe I'm just wishing for the best

  7. forget about looking at the hairs/pistils, look at the trichomes. sativas take a long time to finish. i pinch my stems all the time to slow/manipulate growth. it can come in handy when you're vertically challenged. the plant will be fine, don't worry about it. you need a radio shack dope scope. they carry a nice pocket microscope for checking trichomes.
  8. I have that microscope, but if you saw my plant you'd gree its not done yet. Although mybe a couple of the lower buds are there, most of them still have a ways to go. I've thought about maybe tking off some fothe buds earlier than the others but I'm worried what it'd do to the rest of the plant.
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    don't be worried about partially harvesting a plant. people do it all the time. just try not to do too much cutting at any one session. too much could cause shock/hermie, although it is a bit late for their to be much progression. you just don't want the plant to be losing it's flowering concentration, LOL!
  10. this is the truth, I had a lower but big stem bend in half, and I couldn't believe that not only did it heal (i supported it with some string) it actually knotted up there and was very strong, AND it resulted in much bigger buds on that stem. I think I read that it actually helps the hormones flow to the rest of the branch.
  11. YES SIR^^

    everyime i super crop the branch injured always gains a bulky party where its fuckin rock hard

    so just make sure the plant is holding together and it will heal itself

    thats the beautiful thing about nature :D

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