Help!- Looking For A Vape (+ Is The Pax 2 Or V2 Pro Any Good?)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Sligtone, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. I am looking for a vape that is:
    - Small
    - Portable
    - Easy to use
    - Long lasting(Won't need to buy parts/replace)
    - Dry herb friendly
    - Around $150
    Does anyone know of any? I have posted before but received a lot of links to higher end vapes or very bulky vapes. I have been looking at the Pax 2 and V2 Pro. Does anyone know if they are any good.
  2. You can get a Vapium Summit+ for about $110, if you shop around a bit. It's got all of the features of a Pax 3, plus it's more rugged and water resistant. As far as I can tell, I'm the only one on the forum who has one, but I'd recommend looking into them.
  3. I looked into it and I'm leaning towards that or the V2 Pro. The Pax is good and all but over priced for what it is. Do you new to replace parts for it often? Is it easy to use? Does it work well?
  4. I'm relatively new to the Summit, but I know a guy who has used one for a couple years with zero problems. It's very easy to use and works well. The *only* thing I don't like about it is that it charges with USB-C, which is a pricier cable to buy, but still, it comes with one (though it's a short one), so even that isn't much of an issue. Battery life is about an hour of use, per the manufacturer. I haven't timed it, but it's reasonably long, and a non-issue for me. I don't use the bluetooth app because I don't have anything that is Bluetooth 4.0+ to connect to it. But, you don't really need the app for anything unless you want the boost mode for even higher temps that you don't remotely need to hit. It certainly cooks pretty effectively. And having 8 preset temps works well. I usually start at about 4, and just keep bumping up a temperature setting when the vapor starts slowing down, and give it a stir when I hit a 6. The on-board tool works well for that. I sort of wish the tool was flat, for better stirring, instead of being round, but it still works perfectly fine. I haven't tested the water resistance yet, but it seems to be built well enough that I'm not worried about it. I *do* tend to keep the silicone strap around the oven lid, both as extra insulation and to make sure the lid doesn't pop off but, again, the strap comes with it, so it's a non-issue to me.
  5. I have a pax 2.

    It's okay. Does its job very well. I use it mainly for stealth highs, while out and about running errands or going to class. I do wish I had gotten something with the ability to vape concentrates, as I know I'm going to have to purchase something for concentrates in the future and it would've been nice to kill 2 birds 1 stone. It is overpriced, the only thing that justifies the 150 imo is the 10 year warranty. Other vapes from what I hear have lifetime warranty.

    Overall, pax is good and will vape whatever you put in it, but there are probably better options out there now.
  6. I have a v2 pro and use it with the bubbler mouthpiece you can buy separately. I like it a lot. They say you can smoke solids in it too but ive had no success with that. Good bit of kit for the money.

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  7. Solids as in Dry Herb?
  8. That vape is advertised to use cartridges, dry herb, or concentrates.
  9. Yeah it comes with a metal insert for concentrates but i haven't managed to get it to work well

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  10. Have you checked reviews? Are others having the same problem? Could be a faulty pen, faulty insert, or could just be kind of shitty for that aspect and is just a marketing ploy in reality.
  11. Now I'm worried seeing this seeing as I'd only be using it for dry herb (I know there are cheaper ones that are for dry herb but I can't find any that look decent and that don't look fake the life of me). I'm just looking for something that works with dry herb and is relatively cheap just to try out so I don't invest too much if I don't like it, but everything is around $150-$300 which is a lot to spend if you don't know if you'll like it. If you know of any cheaper ones that are reliable and not scams please let me know.
  12. To confirm. .its great with dry herb ..not so good with concentrates

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  13. I would certainly recommend the bubbler mouthpiece too.

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  14. Yeah others are finding the same ...not just me

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  15. I've been using V2 Pro for like 6 months and I like it. I would recommend for dry herb for sure.

    As for concentrates, there are some tricks and suggestions for that online. Unfortunately, I cant remember the sites. The more you check out the reviews/forums the more things you will see about how to use concentrates with this.

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