Help: Looking for a CBD rich medicinal strain.

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  1. Hey all, not sure if this is the correct sub forum for such a question but I'm looking for some help from the medical community on GC. I'm looking for a CBD rich strain that has been or is being used to treat epilepsy in teens/young adults. Even a seedbank or breeder I could be directed to would be a great help.
    Any links and comments are greatly appreciated, thank you

  2. No one wants to help make a difference in a young mans life??
  3. - Charlottes Web, take it you havent kept up with news but you are heading in the right path the results of what high CBD medicine can do for epilepsy is nothing short of breath taking. Watching documentation on the positive effects it has on its severe case patients makes me tier up man its touching make believers out of people who say MJ is just a drug for abuse. As for acquiring it im not sure if the brothers from colorado have put out seeds or its a strictly clone only strain but im sure a little researh can help you achieved your destination
  4. Go to Israel. 18% CBD, 0% THC.
    I can't speak about this site but with some research you can probably get to where you want to be with this as a starting point.
    You will need to play around with your search string variables and limit the results only to .edu and .org domains.This will filter out all the .com trash. Get a good search string going and then play with the words et. al. 
    Cannabinoid extraction is a delicate process and I suggest limiting that research to .edu and perhaps even .gov domains. You need to arm yourself with a little bit of exact science terminology and extraction processes so if you encounter a caregiver that offers "CDB rich" product you can better assess based on query whether that is a product you would give to someone else.
    Good luck and I hope your journey ends in great success!
  6. Harlequin is one of the high CBD strains.. I'd picked up from a dispensary in West Holleywood ca. last year..  A clone only strain at that time as far as I know..
  7. Contact CBD Crew, they helped me out with great strains for all type of medical reasons.

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  8. Yeah, CBDCrew is good. Look for Harlequin, Sour Tsunami, Cannatonic etc. Hopefully you can get him the medicine he needs! :)
  9. I would look at hemp grown in the EU. I lived with a Hemp Farmer in the south of Spain and his hemp was <0.8% THC and ~%20 CBD and high levels of CBN.
    Hemp is basically domesticated Marijuana. The EU subsidizes hemp farming. Hemp, as per the EU, is Cannabis with less than 0.8% THC. With the lack of THC, there is usually a higher presence of other cannabinoids. The hemp from is being researched by the University of Barcelona, and other scientific labs for it's medicinal applications. The seeds we grew were bought from France.

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