Help light my tent please.

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  1. What's the least expensive but still effective way to light a tent that is 3 feet by 1.5 feet and 5 feet tall? It's 4.5 square feet.

    Which brand and model of lights would YOU purchase on the tightest of budgets that was ultra low cost but still grow well?

  2. What does "ultra low cost" mean to you?
    Give us a realistic number (your lighting budget) so we can help!

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  3. Thanks and sorry. Under $100. I see many on ebay and amazon that have good reviews. I don't mind a little DIY or buying 3rd party drivers either.
  4. Amazon and eBay reviews aren't reliable.
    Find a light that interests you and ask here if anyone has had success with that light.

    There are a few Chinese blurple LED's that are proven to work. Mars and vipraspectra for instance. The wattage numbers are almost always marketing bullshit.

    I started with a vipraspectra "VS 600w." It was actually Less than half of that but still enough to flower.

    I think the VS 300w can be bought for less than 100$ and should be able to grow a plant to maturity. That said, the buds might be "airy."

    Best is to choose a light and ask here before you waste your money.

    Maybe the Quantum board dudes could pipe in. Is there something the OP could DIY for less than 100$?

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  5. If I was you I would go for a 600w HPS!!! Adjustable Ballast (250/400/600w)
    Will get you killer dense buds!!!!! - $100 - Done!

    You can have it on 250w for veg and bump it up to 400/600w for flower!
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  6. QB96 99$ + shipping
    Driver hlg240h-54a 50-60$

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  7. [​IMG]

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  8. This is the best advice you have received so far. Listen to Hunter.

    “Tyranny anywhere is a threat to freedom everywhere.” — someone awesome
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  9. Sunblaster 54w 64k[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    This ones 4’

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  10. [​IMG]
    It will definitely light it up for pennies
    Good luck

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  11. I’d go with the HLG 96. Solid light. I’m running two in my 2x4 and it’s blowing all my other lights out.

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  12. I agree. Much better results than a cheap blurple If he could add 60$ bucks to his budget.

    But actually PAOLO had the best advice because it's within the posters budget.

    People just don't understand that you got to invest decent money if you want decent weed

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  13. upload_2018-12-4_16-15-45.png
    you can choose the led grow lights like this which can easily to control the lights by two plugs


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