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Discussion in 'General' started by Dark_Angers, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Ok so me and a good friend of mine start doing small time dealing. The deal was I buy the weed and he sells it. Suddenly a snitch bust him and now he is under a lot of shit. He ratted me out along with the people who bought from him. I wanna know if i can get charged for anything or will he take the compleate fall. I am really need in some adive.:(
  2. Wow... your boy snitched you out. Fuck that shit.

    I'm not really sure, though, sorry. I would say though, even though he ratted you out, they don't have any proof that you were involved... He could go tell on anyone and they can't just charge anything he says. If they don't have anything on you, don't let them get anything, and deny it. Then again, I'm just using common sense, wait for someone how may know the legal system better than me. :p

  3. Oh no, if he ratted you out, it was because the cops want a bigger fish in exchanged for a reduced sentence.

    You're the bigger fish, my friend.

    I keep all my business dealings off the forum (and anything electronic). But most of all, the people i do my business with are upmost professionals and know the consequences of snitching and the rewards of keeping your mouth shut.

    Sound like your picked business partners poorly.

    I'm not trying to rag on you, man, i mean no disrespect. Best of luck to you!

    EDIT: after reading Mundi's post, i'll clarify. He has most likley fingered you, and signed a confession (not sure that's what it's called) saying that you are the bigger fish in the chain. He will now be obligated under pentaly of even harsher consequences for himself to 'testify' against you.

    i will say this only once. If and when you get picked up. KEEP YOUR FUCKING MOUTH SHUT. do not. do not finger your distributor. if you need an explanation to why, then you havent been listening to me anyways.
  4. So they'll take his word just like that?
  5. If they have no evidence against me they can't do shit right? a snitch won't stand in court?
  6. I've never been in this situation, i keep my nose clean, i'm just trying to remember grade 10 law class.

    But I know for 100% sure that it is more than enough to attain a full search warrant, drug testing, (etc.) for you.

    That's what will fuck you over.

    Even a positive DT can serve you with huge probation periods and community service time. They're going to definatley try and squeeze your balls to give up your distributor, they'll offer you reduces sentence, whatever. Don't take the bait.
  7. FUCK man. This guy snitched cuz he got offered a lot of shit and took the bait. I am getting clean and my house is 90% clean, so most likely they won't find something. I fucking hate this guy know i wanna kill him and fucking beat his head in.

  8. i ain't advocating anything. but you make sure he gets his when this is all done with, you hear?
  9. Thanks for the adivce R_M it helped a lot to calm my nervs and help me think. When i am done with all this hmmm I think it is time for some payback...

  10. Keep checking back, somebody with more knowledge on NY state laws might be able to give you a better idea of what you can expect.

    Also, i'm passing no judgement, but if you're a minor (it happens), then it can be quite a bit different. Less harsh.
  11. if iwas you id ditch your comp now that you can be linked to this site where you basicly admitted what ever your accused of. not to mention this supports marijuana
  12. Dear police technicial officer;

    you're a tool.
  13. dude like rasta_man has been saying, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. fuck the cops. just tell them you don't know what they are talking about TRUST ME.

    i was in a fight with some buddies about a year back, and they tricked us all man. we all eneded up fessing up and come to find out, they didn't know shit! we all would have been ok if we had kept out mouths shut.

    the cops ALWAYS know less than they let on, the only way they get info is from YOU!

    so remember, you don't owe the cops shit, just tell them to fuck off.
  14. thanks for all the good advice
  15. just stay clean for a lil bit, and keep your house clean. deny everything and you will be fine
  16. rules to follow:

    1) you have the right to remain silent. If the police call you in, demand a lawyer right away. say nothing but "i want my attorney present now".

    2) never admit to something you didn't do.

    3) Put a password on your computer. Here in Canada the police can take your computer, but in order to get a password they need to have a warrent, which will be tricky to get if all they have to go on is a snitches word (who isn't that reliable espically if he was selling drugs). Not sure about you in the states though, with the patriot act.

    4) Being on websites that deal with this information is not illegal. Also, if i recal correctly, anything you say on here can not be admitted into a court of law, because there is no sufficient evidence that YOU posted it. Someone could have hacked your computer ;)

    please check with your lawyer before you do ANYTHING mentioned in my post or the above ones.
  17. You forget he lives in the US. The patriot act.

    It takes law enforcement no time to achieve a warrant. They automatically assume a warrant if a crime is found to be "harmful to general populace and violate United States Criminal Code" which marijuana does. Effectivley pot smokers are terrorists and subject to immediate search and investigation.

    Shitty eh?
  18. Good news! the cops back off of me because they could not get enough evidence. The person who snitched me didn't acctually snitch me. One of his buyers got caught and fingered me, my friend (not really anymore) just confirmed it. Right now though I look like I am getting away free:hello:. Second note, the patriot act can really do all that? That is fucked up y would our retarted government do that and take all the rights we have away. The second I get enough money I am moving to Canada fuck these US laws.
  19. It's much worse than that.

    Some may call me a conspriacy nut, but it's the first step at stripping away your Bill of Rights and US Constitution in order to create a globalized police force.

    It's only a matter of time because nobody is fighting back.

    Good to hear it worked out for you!!!

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