help.. leaves turning brown!!

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  1. [​IMG] help me please i transplanted them two days ago... they started turning brown almost burnt look to them.. can anyone help me? i dont want them to die? they're 2 weeks 2 days!! :confused:
  2. pictures man. :smoking:
  3. what kind of soil and what kind and how much nutes are you using
    soil maybe burning the plant a pic would be great
  4. pH?
    Get a bigger picture if you can.
  5. PH7.5
  6. you need to get the ph down. 6 max. no nutes yet. and dump the miracle kill in the garden where it belongs. their burning up. good soil is worth its weight in bud. I made all the same mistakes when i started and i killed a bunch before i got it right.
  7. no its not normal ur ph is off....
    they are overferted also....
    6.5-6.8 is soil ph... you need to flush and stop with the nutes...
    let her heal and then she will show growth again...
  8. Hey thanks for the tips!! i went to a hydroponics store and they have a ph down bottle.. would that work for soil as well? and would i just mix it into the water?:eek:
  9. What you need to do is flush the plant....
    2-3 times the container size... so if its a 1 gallon pot run 2-3 gallons thru...
    after the last gallon goes thru test the runoff... you want that to be 6.5-6.8.
    youll need a tester for that.... this will flush all the buildup out...
    then once you have a tester feed with 6.6 water (use the down)
    the yellowing shows to much ferts..
    the brown spots.. show bad ph....

  10. Drooping, yes, but browning? Not in my experience.
  11. thanks budslinger!! ill go to the hydro store tomorrow and buy that ph down.. all that water wont harm my plants! its my first grow... i want to do good.. :smoking:
  12. Did you see the sticky at the top of beginner section .....Transplanting wothout shock...?

    August wrote that..great info for you... he is a top notch soil grower man.. honestly Im a hydro gardener..
    i do know allot of soil grow info just from hanging out and chatting with the soil growers here in the city,
    No that flush wont hurt your girls but really i should hook ya up with a soil guy so you get the right direction....let me see what i can do man..
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    Hey man, Slinger's def got you doing the right thing. What kinda of soil are you using btw? Try to keep your PH between 6.3 - 6.8, this will allow your plant to better take in available nutrients in the soil. I recommend just using plain water for the next 3 or 4 waterings at least, you really don't need to feed this early on unless the plant needs it. Go easy on the fertilizer, go with 25% of what the directions say. A lot of liquid nutrients are very strong and a little goes a long ways. Next time you to do feed give them too little nutes if anything rather than too much, always easier to fix that way. :wave:
  14. im using miracle gro.. organic all of theses are in the same soil
  15. I did that with my first grow and had a problem with nute burn because that soil is a little hot for seedlings with all the miracle grow already in it. You sshould have plenty of nutes to carry you on for awhile.
  16. Killa is a good dood man...
    im sure he will get ur soil grow in shape man..
    glcuk buddy...

    im still tagging along:D
  17. Hey thanks for the info.. I will flush my plants as soon as I get the ph down bottle!! I won't be adding nutes for a while.. What nutes should I be using. And when should I start using them!!??
  18. hey killakush.. thanks for the info...ok..i went to the hydroponics store and got me my "mad farmers" get dowm.for the ph... and got some "botanicare" pure blend plant food.. 3-2-4.. for veggin.. um.. i flushed i few times and the ph didnt go down... after i flushed a few times i added my ph water with the plant food already mixed in.. and the ph was at7.0 i added that to the pot where my plant is in and flushed with it... am i heading in the right direction?:smoking: can i still get my soil ph down and how?:eek:

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