Help! leaves seriously drooping!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ghostface, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. Hi guys/girls.
    My plant is 3 weeks old, it's about 3 1/2 - 4 inches tall. I noticed a few days ago that the second set of leaves where drooping down. Today the two leaves look very droopy. They are still healthy green looking, but they just droop. The other leaves seem Ok, some of them are drooping slightly. I keep her in a wardrobe under florous. Once a day I move her for 1 hour next to an open window for air. I keep her under 24hour light, and water her once a day.
    What do you think is wrong?
    Cheers, -Ghost.
  2. Not enough light too...
    Everyone here is dicking around with 1/100th of the light they need...
  3. not every one asshole

    some of us are dicking arround with exacticaly enuff light

    thank you very much
  4. Goooo Dingy lol. Yeah not every 16 year old (hehe) has 150 dollars to blow on an HPS lamp. I am thinking on investing in some florals myself...but... see if i do it my closet there is a chance my parents could find it, even if it is in the back in some kind of box... so I might have to wait till Spring :( oh well, when I move out I think you know what Im'a bee plantin
  5. growing in your moms house is bad idea

    you will probably get cought

    by the smell if nothing elts

    better off waiting till you are out on your own

    unless your parents are in on the project....

    some people are that lucky

    i never was

    but florros are fine for veg

    you will get alot better bud and a lot more of them if you have hps

    but you can get something you can smoke and say you grew and got high off of with floros

    it just wont be great bud

    but it will be bud none the less!
  6. I'm here to help "asshole"
    Not all of us act like 16 yr. olds...
    Your pic says it all...
  7. sorry if you took that personaly

    but it was not intended as such

    sarcasim think about it

    and the pic my son

    the youngest of several

    looks just like his daddy!

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