HELP.. ive got a PROBLEM :-O

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by {CT} PotMacGyve, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. well sorry to scare you there isnt any real problem but i do have a troubeling question.. Ive reciently set up a hydro system where i have a large plastic square container and i have it so theres net pots with grow rocks in them... the pots are about 8 inches or so deep and i have no idea how far i should have them in the water or how much grow rock to put in each... additionally in the water i have 2 long sand stone aireators.. i dont know if this means i can have the roots in 24 hour water or not if the aireators are going all the time.... and if not how often do i have to keep the roots out of water or for how long each day and durring what period of the light cycle, both in the veg and flowering stages.... please i would appricieate a responce and am very worried of what is to become of my quickly rising plants

  2. keep your airators running 24/7, keep the water level close to the bottom of the net pot so the bubles and mist keep it wet and allow your plants to get water now. When your roots pop thru, let them grow down into the aerated water and let them stay there 24/7. Once your roots hit the water, watch how fast the plant grows. Grow rocks, use enough of them to hold the plant steady in the pot. Keep light from getting into your water resevoir thru the net pot.

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