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Help!!! Is this moldy weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by if6was9, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Hello dear friends. I want to smoke this last bud so bad but it looks moldy.
    I haven't been a smoker for years so I am not sure. These are the best shots I can get.
    Tonight is the last night I can smoke for awhile and this is all I have but I don't want to light up moldy weed! Please let me know ASAP!! Thank you friends.

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  2. cant rlly tell because i cant open up the pics,,

    but theres a sticky tht tells u all about mold at the top of the thread list, check that
  3. Judging by the clusters that I see it could actually be moldy. But no matter what anyone says here it all comes down to your call, look at the pictures here:


    And compare them to yours, thats what I just did and even though the resolution is different it might be. Again I can't say just from pictures because I haven't seen enough moldy weed to do so.. Look closely at the buds and compare to:


    Thats one of the best examples I see. Differentiate tricomes by the look and 'softness' of mold, if you have a magnifying glass that would help alot too.
  4. It looks like it could be. To make sure, look at it under a magnifying glass. If there are little puffs of cottony looking stuff, then yes it's moldy. Moldy pot will also smell of ammonia if it has been closed up in a container.
  5. Hey buzz-Thanks for the input. I am confused though because u state that it could get moldy in an airtight container, yet some people say they put thier herb in a tightly sealed jar
  6. To be honest this bud looks fine to me.

    And pretty good. :D

    I'd smoke it fo sho.

  7. If it's already starting to mold and you put it in a jar, it will smell like ammonia, trust me. I had a lb. do that after I broke it up and stored it. :(

  8. Some weed smells like ammonia. In fact, there is a whole like family cluster of it that is known for it's smell, that's why its called "cat piss" because of this smell. Anyone who has ever changed a very dirty litter box will tell you-- Strong cat piss = ammonia. So, I don't think that smell is really indicative of mold.

    If it's moldy-- youll be able to tell looking at it. It'd look like mold. Like on bread.

  9. I'm very familiar with cat piss and cat piss weed. And I tell you that it smells like ammonia when it's moldy.

    It is not green like mold on bread and does not look like bread mold. :)

  10. Well when my bread molds it's white...only greenish blue if it's been molding for like a week. :confused:

    Anyway, if you've ever had some catpiss weed, then you know it smells very ammonia-ish. Some people actually think that the stronger that chemicalish smell is more desirable catpiss weed. I prefer more piney/minty buds myself. But my brother says he likes the taste of catpiss better.
  11. Please, stay on topic. We are talking about mold smelling like ammonia. Not cat piss weed. Or cat boxes for that matter. :poke:Or bread...

  12. I'm on topic...You were saying moldy weed smelled like ammonia, I was saying why that's not such a good indicator. The catpiss was an example of why.

    I couldn't be any more on topic to be honest. :confused:
  13. as far as i can see it looks like its just starting to mold. i cant really tell but like the dude said it will looks cottony and fluffy if mold. but the smell idk bout that 1. i have cats and never had moldy weed so i cant really answer what every1 else just brought up.
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    I just took these pictures of a lb. of moldy weed that smells just like household ammonia. It is trash, not cat piss. :rolleyes:

    Put ammonia in the search engine and see what comes up.

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  15. well this really sucks if it's moldy. It is my lastbud. Also sucks because I smoked half a joint of it a a few days ago. If there was mold on the weed, wouldn't it be really harsh to smoke it? I smelled this bud and it doesn't smell like ammonia, however, it doesn't smell fresh either. Basically, this is the last bud out of a purchase I made back in Feb. I don't smoke often, and this batch was kept in a small glass jar with a lid tightly on it.
  16. guess it could be, but it doesn't really look like it. I'd look at it with a magnifying glass and then if you cant see anything that looks moldy I would totally smoke it.
  17. This is easy to figure out.

    The white crystals are either frost or mold. Was the weed really frosty when you bought it? If yes, toke that shit up. If it wasn't, that's mold - throw it away.
  18. I can't tell if its just smudges on the camera lens, or the lighting in the picture, but....


    i'm about 70% sure that it's just really sticky crystally goodness though. and I didn't see anything in the other 2 pictures.
  19. I honestly can't tell. There is a sticky that will help you. It would also help if you had a magnifying glass or better yet a jewlers loop to examine your bud as close as possible. If you see a little cluster of whitish cotton like stuff its mold. If it looks like a grain of salt stuck on a little green stick its trichromes. Also you can tell by the smell, it will start to smell very stong and bittergent like.
  20. Judging from the pics man it looks straight. And looks like some very good buds.

    I'd say thats just frosty trichs, and not mold.

    If it was moldy..it'd be pretty blatant. Mold spreads rapidly. However much mold you thought was on today..there should be a noticable bit more if it really is mold. Cuz it spreads fast.

    You said you bought it in feb? It should still be straight if it was in a mason jar. But, if it was in a bag that whole time then it's probably not fresh any more. :(

    In a bag, though, it'd likely just dry out. It needs excess moisture to mold.

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