help... is it mold

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  1. My pineapple express is about 5 days from Harvest and it looks like one plant is ruined from mold. I asked a few times for an opinion but never got any feedback really and now I think it's obvious. It looks like cotton its not shimmering like a trichome. It's at the top of the plant and goes down the Cola, I have 2 fans and kept humidity low so I am pretty disappointed in losing my best plant due to mold less than a week before harvest. Pictures are in the journal in my sig.
    It looks exactly like cotton to me....
  2. I'd say yes really bad too.Some mold can look like brown rot as well so look out for that.

    I would cut now,and remove all moldy parts,and dry the rest immediatly.
  3. Ughhh..... I asked so many people and posted and everyone said it was good.
    I can still iso it right?

  4. Yes...
  5. Here is some pics of the nasty moldy bud. I picked one the moldy stuff and it wasn't too awful much. Trimmed it up to show you all, I will probably iso it.

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  6. Definitely a mold..
  7.'ve got the dreaded bud rot...I feel for ya need to lower your RH! ...those buds are garbage now., "bud rot" images.
  8. Ok but other branches from the same plant are ok right?
  9.'s all good if it doesn't have the rot....spread the buds open, you'll see forsure.
    ....good luck bro.

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