Help introduce me to the Furry Scene!!

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  1. I have always been highly interested i like the fantasy and the chance to live a different more animalistic life for awhile. I have officially gotten the go ahead to find/make a suit from my GF but i have no idea where to go or how to get intouch with a fur circle in idaho? considering we are a mainly red state of old people lol.

    If anyone could direct me to a forum or website where i can learn more about the culture and start to partcipate i'll rep your ass off :smoke:

    EDIT: my last name is Wolf so i have been roleplaying as one since i was like 4 and now i want to take that fantasy to the adult level.
  2. Google.
    There's mass information out there.

    A friend and I didn't know what "furry" was and looked it up. Can't undo that now.

    But seriously, since then I hear it is fairly common, so I would think it wouldn't take much searching to find a forum or something.
  3. Well ya i can find a forum but i'm looking for a LOCAL group i can meet with and party the fuck out ya know? I'm not looking for sexual experiences (even though it would be fun :) ) i'm just looking for the comradery and acceptance that i find in odd subcultures ya know? i mean i've tried to force myself not to be intrigued and excited by furdom but sexuality and emotions are fluid and sometimes you just have to go with them.
  4. I would ask there instead of here.
  5. Does that accurately describe you? LOL :eek:
  6. I so want to -rep you into oblivion
  7. imma bunnie ^^

    but im not really into it i just like the idea of ears and a tial lol
  8. lol neg rep for furries? WTF :confused: it's just another counter culture just like stoners.
  9. [ame=]Furry Faggots - YouTube[/ame]

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