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help in the attic

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by 2old2rock'nroll, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. OK u intelligent bunch,
    I've got an attic which is about 6 foot high and the eaves (rafters) are about 7 foot apart in the middle and are 2 foot between each rafter, I'm after any attic grow room designs that u can think of.
    Any help appreciated as they're hitting the ceiling in the present set up, yes i know i could've done a scrog but it's a bit late now, slapping my wrist.
  2. i've grown in a space like that b4 and wot i did was screw some fluros to the rafters and bolt 2 hids in the top. i had my mother plant and my clonin/vegin room else where,

    i ran a rollin harvest system.. some plants was big and ready to harvest, these were in the middle under the hid and some were small that i had just put in ther. as i took the big plants out to harvest them the smaller plants that were getting biggger got moved into the middle.

    i harvested every 2 weeks, 4 the lights and the space that i had it was a really efective way to grow. i cud never of had them all at full size at the same time. i never had to wait long to get more bud but it was hard work.
  3. cheers for that,
    Certainly given me food 4 thought. I did think about running 2 inch mesh up the sides of the rafters into the middle and training them from the sides upward, if ya' see what i mean and putting the hps lights in the middle.
    thanxs again.
  4. im glad i cud help. id like to know how u do end up growing and wot probs and sucsess u have, plz let me know.

    2 things that spring to mind about ur plan that u may wanna think about if u do train them is, will u be traing ur plants to grow in the shaded parts of ur space? and i can imagine it wud b a real nitemare if u had to move ur plants 4 any reason if they was tied to the roof.

    oh and strange things start to happen to plants if u dont light them from above, the way u put it makes it sound like they wud b getting most of the light from below.

    good luck with the grow.
  5. hi,
    wouldn't be lit like that, as light would be at top of rafters in the middle so the plants would get light from the side of the light.
    At present they're between the rafters in 2 x 4 foot space with white plastic round 'em, and they're out growing the height, 3 to 6 foot.
    Ideas, or disagreements, gratefully received.
  6. how far though flowering are thay? and whats the total lengh of flowering 4 the plants u have? if ur only say 2 or 3 weeks in2 flowering then u got a real prob. id think about getting the weedwacker out and lopping 2 or 3 foot off the top of the buggers, giving them a week of 24/24 then starting again.

    when i grow haze (big plant) i harvest the top half of the plant give it 24/24 4 a week then flower again, i get some masave buds at the bottom of the plant that way and a 2nd crop in half the time.

    if ur only a week or so away from harvest then there are other things u can do.
  7. hi,
    They're Misty and they are about 4 weeks into flower.
    To chop or not to chop that is the question? I mean it's getting a jungle in there!
    I'm using coir with the coco nutes at the moment, doesn't seem to be any probs on that side of things though.
    What thinks you about the proposed attic setup?
  8. 4 weeks, border line aint it. the the veggie groth shud of or will soon slow right down or stop i think when the plants put everything into making them buds.

    if ther starting to bud up niceley id struggle on as long as i cud, let the buds get as big as i cud then harvest the top colas, i doubt u'll get a lot at the bottom of the plant so leave them, stick them in2 24hr light again 4 a week or so then flower again.

    just dont let them get to big b4 u flower, remember they have a fully formed adult root system so they will grow fast!
  9. hi barnaby,
    hmmmm, well I'll have to do some deep thinking about all this and come up with some sort of solution.
    Say I was browsing round the other night and found a link to a modular scrog site.
    Don't know if you've seen it or not but got me to thinking about a few solutions to my next grow. Like the modular units would be ideal for fitting in between my narrow 2 foot spaces, between rafters. Also they'd be great for individual watering and caring etc.
    Catch ya' later and many thanks for the info so far received.
  10. no i hadnt seen that site b4 and its a good 1, thanx 4 posting the link, training them with the modular ScrOG does seem to b the answer 4 ur problems dont it.

    its gave me a lot to think about aswell. ive got a 3'3"sq closet that i was just gonna use as a clone room, mayb put a shelf or to in, now im thinking about Vscrog'in it, fluro tubes on the walls and a HPS just hangin in the middle, if the expected yeald that they go on about is right (and i can imagine it is) and i can get it running well then i'll be looking at about 60oz every 10 t 12 weeks including veg time.

    weather i do that or not im gonna try a screan at the side of my next normal SOG grow and see how it goes.
  11. just 1 last thought... if u start building ur boxs now 4 the ModScrOG then if u harvest ur misty early then reveg them they wud b lovely and bushy when they grew into ur mod boxs.

  12. yes, this is called the "sea of green" method of growing

  13. this is fucking amazing..!!!
  14. I downloaded a FAQ from Overgrow, sorry if that's a swear word on here, the other day about reveging after harvesting.
    Where you cut the plant down to about 5 or 6 nodes then start vegging as normal, don't know if it works but might be worth a try. Still, got a few cuttings just in case it don't work.

    One idea I did have, if you've got the height, is to have a lower Modular SCROG going, that would be around 3 foot high,
    with vertical screens.
    Then mount another load above that mounted on the cabinet roof, with the plants growing downwards. If the light is mounted between the lower and upper layers you'd basically have a massive BOG, box of green, grow. Modular style of course. Although you'd have to leave a 6 inch gap between the two, in the middle, for light and exhaust, the light bulb would be without a reflector thereby getting maximum lumens all round.
    catcha' ya soon barnaby.

  15. sea of green is just loads of little plants i thought. dont watter when u harvest. it gets it name from it looking like a sea and it being green. mine was more like a wave of green or a small hill lol.

  16. thank you.

    the trick is to only cut from the plant the good top colas and leave the skinny whispy buds at the bottom alone. your left with half a plant with some bud on it, 24/0 of light till u get ANY new leaf groth then 12/12 then ur little buds will fill out and new budding will start.

    if when u take ur 2nd harvest ur plants have grown tall again and have whispy buds at the bottom u can do it again.

    this tends to work well cus haze has a 14week flowering. u can do it with faster flowering plants but u need to veg longer inbetween harvests so it aint worth it + a plant does lose vigour after a while and has so many small shoots it gets outta hand.

  17. reveging does work as long as the plant hasnt finished flowering and started to die b4 u do it. even then 90% of the time they will spring back into life.


    funny things start to happen if u light a plant from below. ther r hormones in the plant that rise to the highest point and induce flowering. plants reach for the light and that wud b down. plants take up water and nutes by capilary action. if that was also helped along by gravaty??? where u gonna put the roots??? good luck if u try it, let me know how it goes ok.

    catch ya latz matey...
  18. the sea of green is actually a method; it originated by a man who produced a video, cant remember name of it, and taught this way of growing pot in this case as to never have any "dowtime", or basically "winter", you dig?

    the sea of green goes like this to give a small example

    Stage 1:
    Take 5 cuttings (group A)

    Stage 2: About two weeks in
    Take 5 cuttings (group B)
    and Group A is still in veg

    Stage 3: About another two weeks
    Take 5 cuttings (group C)
    Move Group A to 3 gallon pots or whatever you grow in
    Group B is chillin.

    Stage 4:
    Take 5 cuttings
    Move group B and pot in 3 gallons or whatever
    Group A is chillin

    and so on this way you always have in this case 5 plants harvesting evey two weeks, there is a curing cycle too.

    you can do stages closer together too you know like a stage every week and you can do 50 cuttings at a time instead of 5.

    ok good

  19. yeah i dig. sorry, i didnt know u had seen a video about it.

    i thought wot u just described was crop rotation, thats been going on since the middle ages pal.

    sea of green SOG or even screan of green ScrOG gets its name from the way it looks when its growing not when u put plants into ur garden.

    yeah u can grow like that and it is a good way, but it aint SOG, its a veariation on it. my plants by the time the were harvested were 6'tall. hardly sea of green is it.

    i think u better watch a few more vid's and mayb read a few books, talk to a few ppl that know wot ther talking about b4 u start telling ppl that do know a little bit more than u that there wrong, ur only making urself look stupid.

    oh and havin no winter and stelth r really the only 2 good reasons to grow indoors so wot ur sayin is all indoor growing is sog.


  20. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

    By what i've read about revegging I think you're about right, but i don't think that they'll come back to their full potential as a full plant.
    Nice trick wid the lower buds, talk about making the most of your plants hay!
    The pots would be at the top and the plant trained to go down past the pot and towards the light, only thing is now you've mentioned it, would all the nutes get jammed up at the highest point of the stem, just above the pot?
    Anyone any more ideas on attic growroom design?

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