help im new here and need a ans to dt

Discussion in 'General' started by babiegirl, May 21, 2007.

  1. I know theres been a couple of treads all ready but it seems never to be an ans just bullshit please i need somebody to tell me straight, on what i can do . I have a job coming up. Urine will be tested in a lab i havent smoked in almost 3 weeks i took i couple of pulls of a joint friday like maybe 5 pulls and saturday about 2 , i have been taking niacin 500mg everyday cranberry , and water everyday now for the past 2 weeks and still taking do u think i would come up clean if they tested me wensday or thrusday. i weigh 125 i have no clue about my fat since taking the niacin i feel i lost weight anyway i wear a size 4 i dont eat much anyway only may be a snack and dinner. so what do u think and before i stoped smoking i smoked every day but it wasnt the good shit only smoked (REGS)please help.

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