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Help Identify This Issue Please

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by YpsiGro, Oct 17, 2015.

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    Plants are Cash Crop Autoflowers. They are 3/4s through flower. I use organic soil. Mix of re-used and FFOF. I feed 1 TBS EA. Of Molasses and Bat Guano per gallon of water. 1000W HPS. I think <gs id="22c41626-d14e-44de-bbf5-15f7983c9417" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="390be995-71db-4d15-b72d-116a11bbc21d" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">issue</gs> is my well water. <gs id="33e93df8-988c-4d9e-a6f3-b3290f028ad2" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="4533a4bc-292b-486f-8e82-1065a2c05b6f" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">Its</gs> like 8PH and 4 EC. I made the organic soil with lime and a list of other good things following Super Soil Recipe. Drains <gs id="a3012839-650f-4abb-91f6-4ab83c55b1e9" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="fc77af95-a1d0-4a65-859e-fd3d8c8c74c5" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">well</gs>. I don't over water. Was told don't worry about <gs id="7fa44942-6191-4a6c-8528-741f8443f987" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="adfc1511-8770-403c-8543-f01c66a7cef0" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">PH</gs> with organics. I think because my water is so out of whack I do.

    Here are 2 pics of 2 <gs id="dad21c7b-3dd9-425f-85f7-838e9cbe4cb6" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="e7a60b6a-790f-45a0-968a-47c094b3d17d" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">plants</gs> leaves. <gs id="e4a9c51d-d600-4368-8181-174092653374" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="67ac3be7-efda-4c9b-9af0-f751a436a27e" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">Is it lock</gs> out from PH or deficiency you think? Any guesses appreciated.

    This first Pic is Paradise Seeds Vertigo


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    Here is 2nd Pic. These are Cash Crop.

    ALSO. Here is my soil recipe. FYI. It has been sitting for a year and used FFOF has been added back into it. Probably 2 CF of <gs id="76ebf405-003c-49f9-b0ce-87f17ab4ba03" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="c7d3805d-98f8-4cb8-aee1-f4732d80891c" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">used</gs> soil added back into this recipe which has used soil to begin with. My point being I may have diluted it too much to be beneficial for PH management and/or to be <gs id="4823cf9a-1583-429f-b2df-44c5ea50f569" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="240a233a-001d-4fc4-a286-fe6c7fc04dea" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">water</gs> only.

    I only give this soil recipe to help decide what my issue is on top of my PH 8 and EC 4 well water.

    ----------1.5 Cubic Ft Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil
    -1.5 Cubic Ft "Reclaimed" F.F.O.F. Soil.
    -1 Cubic Ft 1 Bag Nobles Worm Organics Soil Remedy (25Lbs EWC)
    -2 lbs Seabird/Bat Guano Combo
    -8 Qts Miracle Gro Prelite (W/ Miracle Gro <gs id="090454ba-a58c-4755-bbf2-d14cc7a98840" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="ba4437d8-a5e4-4cac-a989-0c4c11a379b2" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">Nutes</gs> by mistake)
    -2 lbs Diatomite Rock
    -2 Cup Diatomaceous earth
    -2 Cup Azomite
    -2 Cup Fish Bone Meal
    -2 Cup Bone Meal
    -2 Cup Blood Meal
    -2 Cup Glacial Rock Dust
    -2 Cup CALPHOS (colloidal phosphate and calcium)
    -2 Cup Humic Acid
    -2 Cup Lime
    -1 Cup Epsom Salt

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  3. Looks similar to a problem I am having. No expert but Im thinking potassium or sulphur.

    Try a folair feed of epsom salts or seaweed extract?
  4. ALSO. <gs id="160fcfa8-1f93-4d2b-b8ef-5ef414028c84" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="ba03934e-4d0f-4680-a15f-89c80ccc71c2" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">the</gs> first pic of leaves. <gs id="9d6e9e90-1b53-49a1-b9e3-2a497c2375c0" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="26b75a64-1ba1-4ea6-b5b7-92f5405d112e" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">they</gs> look <gs id="88eb0901-6ac4-49ca-8a87-92b4ef9a6d73" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="26b75a64-1ba1-4ea6-b5b7-92f5405d112e" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">sativa</gs> are different. That is a paradise <gs id="8fdf7d38-4a83-4ffb-a96d-d1c43e087517" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="18e31c10-6c2f-45d4-9be3-dcb9c8c70a00" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">seeds</gs> vertigo.
  5. Cool. I actually filtered a gallon of my well water with my RO filter. It needs replacing so the PPM is actually 100 instead of 0. To that I added TBs of Epsom Salt and Molasses and a couple drops of Super Thrive.

    From there I am going to start filtering all my water and PH'ing it. The only problem I have is I only have chemical PH UP and DOWN. Have to get some Lemon Juice to lower PH organically in the future.

    SIDE QUESTION. Do you think my filtered water that is approximately 100PPM. Do you think it has Cal&Mag in it? Could the 100 some PPM be that <gs id="1dc8145b-6d36-4b7a-9618-6f84ac8daca4" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="e9317941-52ba-49d6-b8c1-909af3c17851" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">hopefully</gs>? <gs id="5857655e-8f7d-4f72-85ce-f53db51ef84d" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="8cefce64-78bc-471b-8d23-be61b3aead76" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">Dont</gs> have <gs id="d22a82a5-f4b5-4e82-b6b2-decf1faa6264" ginger_software_uiphraseguid="8cefce64-78bc-471b-8d23-be61b3aead76" class="GINGER_SOFTWARE_mark">cash</gs> to replace RO filter membrane at this moment.
  6. Ultimately I am going to figure out how to go water only. I know my well water is EC 4 and PH 8 but I am hoping with the right combination of organics I can do it.
  7. Im in salt amd your questions are beyond my knowledge.

    I have read that in hydro adding epsom to your res should sale a magnesium or sulphur problem - epsom is magnesium sulphate.

    Folair feeding is still organic, adding to soil is an organic no no I believe.

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