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    Hello! Thanks for reading! I am a newbie to growing, and this forum.
    My question is ; can anyone help me determine possible indica or sativa and F/M from my random seed?

    I had a pre-package organic garden seedling starter kit. Came with organic soil and micro planter trays. Anyway. Took the soil mixed it up, wet it, and portioned into soda bottle bottoms. Put them in the window,Three of 6 sprouted . The first , took off for the sky, a lighter pale green, the second , a DARKER green , quite fuzzy, with a red stalk, kinda took some time, real slow for any progress . the third of similar description.each being about 1-1.5 days apart.

    The second one died of my own error so now I'm left with the fast tall pale greener and the short, slow, red stem.

    I'm not sure what to think of em. From what I've read the pale. Green is common with sativa, as the dark green is for indica. Being the first to take off and grow quick suggest indica.(but conflicts with the pale color) I can't really compare leaf structure yet as my little dark green is a few days behind in growth. Also I read the rapid up growth could also mean male? Any ways I'm growing em anyways, so it's a waiting game but if anyone has an opinion I wouldn't mind hearing it,

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  2. Honestly dude, there's absolutely no way to tell. Too many potential phenotypes and such. I have a headband plant growing that I'd sweat is an indica by the look of it, yet the genetic line is 60/40 sativa...

    Just treat em well an you'll enjoy the smoke no matter what.

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