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Help I m new lol

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Weather, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. I got a nug can I just put it in my bowl and smoke it or should I grind it?
  2. pack it in snaps just make mini nuggs out of your bud and pack it it burns much more evenly
  3. *someone is about to have a really good time!*

    Doesn't matter if you grind it or not. I prefer grinded.
    Put it in your bowl, (add water if it's a bong), suck and light! Hold and exhale!

  4. doesnt matter but it will burn better if you do. even if you pick it apart with your fingers
  5. Grind it
    /end of thread
  6. Ok, since he is a newbie, I'll be using user friendly terms for you.

    if you have a grinder, grind up the nug so it's not 1 solid piece so it burns better in your bowl, as it's all spread out. You can also break down the bud with your hands into really small buds if you'd like, or you can get a shot glass and a pair of scissors and go to town on that bad boy.

    You can put the nug in itself and smoke it, but if you grind/bust it up well and pack it in the bowl, it will light well and probably cherry well enough that you won't have to light the bowl again. :D
  7. i grind mine because i dont like finding out i smoked a seed or something
  8. Lol thanks guys nd yeah I'm going to have a great time. What does cherry mean though?
  9. Cherry is the still lit part of your mix, meaning you don't need to light it again because when you inhale oxygen goes through the piece supplying the cherry with what it needs to stay lit, kinda like how cigarets work, only lighting them once , usually
  10. What does "420Weather" mean? Like the weather on 4/20?
  11. I use my fingers to pull apart buds. and pack them that way, a grinder works too but unless you have a screen don't grind it too fine. If you want a bowl that lasts a while and gives you a little amount of smoke at a time just throw the nug in, if you want somewhere in the middle pull it apart with fingers, If you want that shit gone in 1-2 hits grind it and prepare to have the most pleasant tokes of your life.
  12. you don't have to grind it in a grinder. you can just break it up gently with your fingers to make sure you don't make it too small. if you are new and you can't see inside the grinder I would just break it up with your fingers or small scissors for now :)
  13. Ohh okay. After the first couple of hits is there still thc in the bud? What's a sign that I smoked as much as I cOuld?
  14. when theres nothin but ash. you shouldnt stop till you start sucking ash through
  15. It has multiple meanings.
  16. the weed that remains in the bowl will still have thc. by smoked as much as you could do you mean when the bowl is finished? check it every once in a while with a poker to see if there's weed or just ash. usually you can tell when the bowl is done or close to done because you can't take hits as big as before.
  17. you hit it and you inhale air (or ash in some cases) with no smoke exhaled.
  18. Either no smoke comes out when you exhale or it tastes like shit.
  19. LOL youce smoked enough when you forget about the pipe and wander off LOL

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