Help! I found a seed in my sack of Haze!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Chong's Bong, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Alright so I buy a sack of some really good Haze from my dealer, and inside I found a seed! I really want to grow this goodass bud but first I was wondering what I should do with this seed. I'm gonna grow it outdoors, but I think it might be too cold right now. I live in Atlanta, GA, so if yall could let me know if its too cold to grow in the ATL right now I'd appreciate it.

    Also, whats the best way to start this seed off? I remember reading on these forums like a year ago that if I moisten two paper towels, then place the seed on top, then take a third moist paper towel and lay it on top of the seed, then that will causethe seed to germinate. I think I was to leave the seed there for a couple of days until it grows a little white root about 1cm long, then I plant it in the gorund with the white thing sticking down. Is this the best way to start off a seed? Please let me know!
  2. you got germination right but dont plant it untill april
  3. Pure Haze will not finish in Ga. it takes 14-19 weeks of flowering to finish hard to do you have a place to grow inside? Bottom of a closet will do ......ya' can build a Kewl lil' grow box from a "Milk Crate" and some zip-ties ......some cardboard with a lil spray paint.....and $6.00 worth of CF's from the "Home of DePot".....then ya' can "Sex" that bugger B4 ya' spend all summer growin a "Haze Bush" and it will be a HUGE thing in Ga.....then find out it was a boy :devious: :devious: :devious: ....if ya' start it in the house and sex it ya' will know B4 it goes outside....
  4. so your saying to succesfully grow purple haze outdoor it would be best to start them now indoor and transplant them outdoor around april? I was planning on growing this, I live a little more south than atlanta, alot more south really, about an 45 minutes to an hour and a half south of savannah
  5. Yeah, start your grow inside, now, and when it's good weather, bring it out.

    You don't need to transplant them, just bring them outside in their planter during the day so they can get some sun.
  6. alright well, i cant grow them in my house and the house i can grow them at the sorry fucker dont wake up till like 12 or 1 every day, and he would have to put them out being i work all day, so they wouldn't really be out all that long, and all I use for lighting indoor is flouros, so could i just get them up and started then say april or so put them out? i still need to order the seeds too, I can order them friday, can someone give me a link to somewhere that will sell them reasonable and trustworthy, also, what strain or kind of weed would get you highest? I love the giggles honestly. I haven't gotten them in so long, the only green thats been in this area is just some that stupifies you and makes you lazy, and type long threads, like now. yes I'm blazed. thanks.
  7. Its not purple haze you guys, just straight up Haze.

    So what yall are saying is I should start indoors and bring it out after some vegetation? Or are you saying I should bring it out once a day for a few hours and then bring it back inside?

    Also, whats a CF?

  8. What I am saying is .......start it inside and sex it ya' don't waste all summer growin a big ass Male plant............CF's are "Compact Floro. lights"
  9. ^ Yeah, that's what we meant.

    Start it now, let it veg inside until you've got proper weather/temps/sunlight outside, then bring it out there... Either leave it out there, or bring it in after sundown and lock it up until the next morning.

    Depending on the light schedule you want, will depend on how long you leave it out there.

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