HELP HPS Bulb Emergency

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by codemysta09, Oct 26, 2014.

  1. hello GC I have a 600w hps with a cool tube And a 6" exhaust fan (il attach pics). I'm a month into flower and was installing my carbon filter when the pantyho around the end of my light sucked into the tube and around the lit light. By the time I got my hand in there to grab it the ends had singed into the bulb so I immediately unplugged the light. (30 mins b4 the timer would have so I left the bedroom light on for the remainder). FML

    So now I'm left with a burnt finger, a bulb that has finger oils, skin, and pantyho singed onto it and a pissed off girlfriend!

    My question to you experts is what should I do with this bulb? I've read alcohol and windex online for finger oils but this is a bit more than that.. Il wait to do anything until there's some feedback. Thanks GC I'm stressin.

    You have 12 hours...

  2. Wait until it's cooled down then gently try to pry the melted pantyhose off of it. Proceed to alcohol + wipe. Dry, fix'd. If not, replace.

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