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Discussion in 'General' started by Dalue, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. ... separate rizlas that are stuck together, like seriously I'm sitting here just trying to separate them and they're just ripping one at a time, I've searched everywhere for this but I Can't find any tricks or tips. So can you guys help?

  2. Open up the cardboard and take from the bottom? You're talking about rolling papers correct?
  3. Steam
    Me personally i would throw them to fuck and buy a new pack.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, yes I'm talkin about rolling papers, they are not in the packet they're just loose but theres about 10 stuck together.

    Oh and I would just throw them and get a new pack but its like 09:45pm here in England and I live in a not-so-nice area so I don't fancy going to the shop
  5. Only other thing I could think to do is just roll up a fattie and peel back the layers of paper you don't need. Might prove difficult though...just a thought
  6. When they get damp they stick together. Good luck, I think your flogging a dead horse. Find another solution.
  7. Where the fuck do you live that you can't go to the shop?
  8. SW9?

  9. He is probably worried about the barbaric hoards of headhunting immigrants roaming the streets.
  10. I wasn't actually worried about them, BUT I AM NOW // I live in a dark place known as 'the black country' and yes it is filled with immigrants but I didn't know they were head hunting
  11. throw em in the freezer
  12. Ah you are safe enough buddy. Did you get sorted?
  13. steam can work some times depending on how stuck they are...but chances are it's already too late bro :(
  14. Yea! I found some small rizlas and just stuck them together, currently toking //
  15. Yes. Go buy a fresh pack of zig zags and use them instead.

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