Help! How do I further decarb once infused?

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  1. I infuse my honey with cannabis coconut oil which I’ve already made. Never had an issue however this time I don’t think that I decarbed my herb for long enough before infusing my coconut oil. Was in the Oven at 240 for a little over 30 min. I was decarbing 1/2 lb of premium shake which is more than I normally do. I thought I was good but now my honey isn’t anywhere near as strong as the last batch. Is there any way to further decarb once infused without burning it up? I read that you can bake it at 240 & wait for the bubbles to Stop but smoking temp is 400 so I just wanna make sure I’m good. I don’t wanna ruin it all together. I’m a beginner folks so keep it stupid simple! Thanks!
  2. Are you sure it's the honey not being as strong or is it possible your tolerance has gone up ?
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  3. No def not cuz I made this batch about 3x as strong. Lol it’s dark green & looks nice just not potent how I would like
  4. When decarbing, the top layer of herb looked real nice. The pigment changed nicely as it should but inside may have needed a little more time. I infused in a double boiler for 3 hours. Figured this would’ve finished the decarbing process
  5. You won't be able to do it once it's added to the honey without crystallizing from all the heat. You can finish the oil in the oven at 240°F for about an hour since it's already partially decarbed. Let the oil reach the temperature before starting your timer. There may be bubbles or there may not depending on what's left and the volume of oil.

    If it's the decarb then that should do it but no guarantees that's the problem. :)
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  6. Doubtful you'll get much more bang with higher and longer heat at this point. Call it done and just eat more.
    I decarb up to an inch of material at a time and it's always strong. Doesn't change color deep in the pan but it's ass kicking all the same. 240 F for 40-60 minutes.
    I used to decarb in much thinner layers and it took hours until I learned it just didn't need it.

    Before and after decarb.
    Once submerged in a fluid Cannabis doesn't decarb worth a damn IME The more you try and activate it the more sleeper grade it gets.

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