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help hiding bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lar20, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. later this week im getting a 15 inch elhe bong. my mom knows i smoke but lately shes been bitchy about it so i dont want her to find it lol. my plan right now is putting it in a old computer keyboard case which it should fit in and put it in my closet but idk if thats such a great hiding place. anyone wanna help me out?
  2. If you've got a big dresser, take out the bottom drawer and see if it fits under there.

    If not, Tape some strings to the underside of your bed and nestle it in there, or cut into your mattress.
  3. i just put my stuff in a random backpack and just hang it up in my closet
  4. lol my room has no bed and no dresser i sleep on a matress right now cus im re doin my room.
  5. put it somewhere your mom/dad never go.
  6. idk where they go when im not home =/
  7. then dont hid it in your room? i mean for example i hide my shit in the basement in a random room. :)
  8. Drop ceilings FTW.
  9. Im in same situation kind of, Im considering buying a bong, but I think back pack and under your bed is fine if your parents dont search. Thats where I will put mine unless I hear better answers, b/c I dont want to have to empty it after every use, pain in balls
  10. If you shatter it they can't find it
  11. most basement ceilings have a spot where u can reach up in the rafters, when i was living with my family thats where i always kept mine. + rents would never suspect.
  12. i got a gong and my parents wont let me smoke, so i bought it in college and now its just sitting in my friends apartment back at school. if i was you which im thinking about doing is just renting one of those storage places, and keep all your stuff in there, dont risk getting caught by your parents and its good if you need ot keep it somewhere for a few months or if you go out of town, and its like only 20-30 bucks a month...
  13. [​IMG]

    Hide it in the toilet!

    No, seriously though, you need to put it somewhere you can always get to, so it's gotta be in your room or a room that's never used, like the basement. Then just figure out somewhere to put it. I roll mine up in a towel and put it in one of the suitcases in my closet. I put it in a side pocket and turned the suitcase so that pocket was facing the wall. So if anybody just glanced in my closet they couldn't see it. Your old keyboard box should be fine, just put it in a stack of other boxes, so it doesn't stick out as much. Also, if you're really paranoid, put it somewhere really hard to get to. It'll make it harder for you to get it, but harder for them to find.
  14. +rep for using the office, BEST SHOW EVER
  15. i live in a apartment so no attic or anything but im either gunna cut a hole in my mattress and slide it in there or put it under my couch and hope she doesnt look under it haha

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