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help help help...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RollingStoned92, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. soo i didnt know how to name the thread aaand i have a little problem. So always when i smoke i begin to shiver, i always get caught from my mom because she notices my shivering and knows im high. soo why do i shake, am i smoking to much? :(
  2. If your shaking then try to smoke less?
  3. U get the granny shakes or what m8.

    Smoke when ur moms sleeping or not at your house. R u cold maybe '.'?
  4. well my neck gets really tense and my head like twitches and my hands also. i dont know why its happening it never before has and im smoking 2,5 years already..
  5. Try taking a break
  6. yeah, well thanks for the advice..
  7. When I get high my hands shake but I've never heard of someone shaking like that.
  8. I get the shakes sometimes when i'm nervous, then i sit back and think do i really give a fuck. Then the shaking stops.
  9. that's rly odd.. maybe smoke some stronger indica based strain? when i have a good indica, my body just goes 100% L-I-M-P. i become the world's biggest wet-noodle and veg out on the couch
  10. well dm7111 i might do that :D

  11. haha okay, post back your results if it worked or not. sativa's tend to make you a little jittery, anxious, shaky, etc. some good indica dominants do the exact opposite
  12. What are you smoking? You gotta be careful with dealers these days.
  13. Is this sarcasm? Idk, taking a break may be a good idea if your shaking uncontrollably. I'm also wondering what you are smoking as well as what you are smoking out of.

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  14. Shaking means your body is burning off extra adrenaline or you're cold. So either put a sweater on or calm down before you smoke.
  15. You already know what you need to do man: Just chill the fuck out, am i right?
  16. Maybe you're dehydrated. Drink some water man.

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