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  1. :eek: :confused: :smoke: hello all i have been growing for a year and 9 months. i am growing 9 D.W.C. 5 gal buckets and am in the 4th week of bloom . hears my prob just did a plant rotation fri and my purp that has up untill now always been directly under the 1000wt HPS now its not and now it looks like this but ive cheked the ph it at its nor 5.8 im useing house and garden nuits first time. Can anyone pls help answer y it looks like im going to lose it with in a couple of days.oh ya the strain is GDP.:confused: :smoke: :eek:

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  2. srry pls move to the genral indoor PLS
  3. What is your water level in the bucket? near the net pot, way below? whats the humdiity levels in the room? Do you spray the plants a lot with anything?
  4. 50-60 % humidity, about 1/4 inch above the 6 inch net pot not below but 1/4 inch above the botom of it. and i use purp max twice a week been three days sence i spryed
  5. is it posibal that the plant has lived it hole life 18 inchs away from a 1000 hps and now that its 2.5 ft from it that it is stil trying to uptake water like it was living under a 1000 but it dont have enopght light to burn up the water could that be wuts happening if so will it make it bucasue it looks worse that 10 hours ago i really dont want to lose i want real big dence collas and want to enjoy her pls help

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