HELP! Harvesting my sill plant

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  1. Should I harvest my sill plant now or wait a couple more weeks. It's been budding for approximately 10-12 weeks but the bottom buds are still pretty small some I wouldn't even consider a bud. If I continue to let it bud with they get bigger or will I be at risk of my plant reverting back to veg or turning it to a hermaphrodite? Any advice is appreciated IMG_20170716_225742_129.jpg 20170716_224538.jpg 20170716_224720.jpg 20170716_224608.jpg

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  2. You need to check the trichnomes, or atleast pick a bud and check it.....if its ready and you let it go to long it will be serious couch lock

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  3. Couch lock as in wheel chair weed? Like too potent?
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  4. The only way to know whether your plant is ready or not is by looking at the individual trichomes to see how much amber is in them. Need a jeweler's loupe since they're not detectable with the naked eye. Need at least 25% amber in the trichs before pulling. Anything more than that just means a more potent plant. Your plant is what you see when one is run and is severely shorted of light. The element that determines the rate of growth and the formation & development of buds is the quality of light it gets all throughout life, but most especially during flower. If you're plant is on a terrace, as it appears to be, then likely it was denied half the day's sun and that really hurt your plant's bud development. Check the trichomes and when you get the sufficient coloration in them, it's time to pull. The next time you grow a plant, you need somewhere to flower it where it gets much more light than this one did. But overall, not bad for a patio plant. Happy growing!
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  5. Ugghh. It's hard to tell and definitely up for debate. Even with the crystals being amber. Some like them clear (not my style lol), some like them cloudy and some like them Amber. It literally is up to you.

    Also have u considered just taking the nugs that are ready? This makes way more sense to me as opposed to doing what the rest of the bandwagon does who usually harvest all at once for logistical reasons not because it's the proper way. A lot of people get really paranoid toward the end of grow and just want to move stuff in n out. Some also have next grow waiting. If you can, just do it like you would with a lemon tree or any other plant. Take the ones that look "ready" (subjective)
  6. Signs of readiness:
    Growth stops
    Leaves slowly and uniformly dying (turning yellow)
    Swollen calyxes
    Receding pistils
    New pistil production ceases
    Trichome ripening from clear to opaque to amber.
    This part is a matter of preference. I also believe it depends on the strain. I have let a Super Lemon Haze go until it was nearly pure couchlock whatsoever and the CBN content was 0.2%.
    There will always be a sense that the flowers have reached a point where they aren't going to get any better. It is the same as picking fruit...does it seem ripe to you?
    Good vibes to your windowsill warrior!

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