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  1. my soil is drying super fast any suggestions?

  2. add more water...
    when you mix your soil next time add some vermiculite, it will help you retain a bit more water
  3. How big is the container, and how big is the plant.
    Larger containers dry slower.
  4. I would try leaving it sit in shallow water for about 20 minutes after you water. And maybe try covering the dirt with much or something. I am new but not afraid to experiment. So take my advice with a grain of salt.Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Your lights could be to low and causing to much heat, most common problem is that your pots are to small the roots have filled the pot and are now drinking the water to quickly.
    Sounds like you could probably do with repotting them into bigger pots, is this indoor? what's your temp at?. :smoke:
  6. Make a self-watering container
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  8. Are you growing in soil or coco?  Have you fed her anything since you transplanted her?  Sometimes plants grow a little slow after a transplant, but if you're seeing a general yellowing of the leaves, it might just be nitrogen hungry.  Give it some Calmag, a drop of Superthrive (if you have on hand), and maybe like 1/4 strength grow nutes, and see if you see a difference over the next week.
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    soil first grow so i used MG didnt think needed nutrients so no feed and its been transplanted for like 3 days ago and hasnt grown much i moved closer to light its about 1 foot away from light t5 lighting fixture
  10. This is starting to sound more like not enough light.  Use the hand test to set your lights.  If it's too warm for your hand (after like 30-60 seconds), it's too much for your plant.  I set my T5's at about 6 inches for seedlings and don't really have problems with them getting leggy.  The closer the light though, the faster the plants will dry out.  The bigger the pot, the slower they dry out.  What size pot did you transplant into?
    Check your MG soil and find out what's in it in terms of N-P-K, and see if the nutes are slowly released over time (probably).  You'll have to make a call on whether or not it needs more food, but error on the side of caution.  Lower your light first and see if that fixes your problem.  If she doesn't get better give her a light feeding.  If you don't have plant fertilizer, you'll have to pick something up.  Look at the N-P-K on the label and try to get something where the N value isn't the lowest of the three.  Most brands will have a "grow" nute balanced specifically for vegetative growth, and then a "bloom" nutrient for flowering.  Feed at 1/4 to 1/2 the recommended dose. 
     Also, try to rule out other potential problems, such as pH levels.  Do you have a way to test pH?  If so, what pH water have you been giving her?
  11. Might have over watered the soil MG tends to become compact if watered to much a water won't seep into the soil, dig some soil off the side of the pot and see if that's the case

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