HELP!!!!!! going on vacation and need to water plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheHerbHunt, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. im going to vegas for a couple days and my little plant has no way of getting water. Anyone got any tips on how I can get my plant water for the 4 days ill be gone?

    I cant let anyone know about my plant so asking someone else to water it is out of the question
  2. just water it well before leaving and put it in a humid place
  3. One idea would be to add soil moist crystals to the soil......
  4. How many days will you be gone, and what is your current watering cycle?
  5. im gonna be gone 4 days and I just transplanted the plant into soil that retains water better than my last soil, but im still watering 1-2 times a day (just small waterings)
  6. Just an idea but if its a bigger pot you could fill up a plastic bag with ice and poke a small hole in the bottom and as the ice melts it will drip into the soil dunno how long it would last but just a crazy idea. plus you prob wouldnt want it to touch the stem so thats why i said a bigger pot to give it some distance.
  7. You should just bring your plants to Vegas and give them to me. I'll water them.
  8. I've been doing a bunch of reading on google on this tonight. From what I've seen, the simplest/cheapest option is the wick method where you setup some jugs of water, put like a cotton rope into the jug then into your soil so it waters the plant as it needs it.

    I'm going to be gone for about 17 days and at the end of that 17 days will be 8 weeks for my auto if they don't get watered in those 17 days, all my work up to this point will be wasted. I may try and get a friend to water them but that may not be an option.
  9. hey, you're not in trouble at all man! flush with clean water (no nutes) before you go, and give a BIG, healthy watering... enough to be good for about a week...

    then, do what i (and many other growers do) and don't water for the last week (For you it would be 10 days)...

    it speeds up the drying process and makes your plants absorb every bit of moisture and nutes from the fan leaves :)
  10. Very good point, forgot all about that. Thanks a lot :).
  11. 4 days, no worries. they wont die in 4 days. water em well right before you leave, when you get back they may be a bit droopy, but once you water em again they will perk right up. I travel and have gone 7 days between waterings once or twice. I usually water every 2 or 3rd day, whenever it dires out a bit.
  12. Gallon jugs of water with a small hole punched in the bottom will let water slowly trickle into the ground.

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