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help: glass cleaning question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bcustom28k, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Alright so I was trying to cleanout my bubbling peice for my bong with rubbing alcohol. None of the chunks on the side were coming off, so I thew a cpl shakes if salt in there. Kind of worked, but now It looks like the salt is all stuck to the bottom. Ive tried hot water, and more rubbing alchohol, but wont move. Waht do u htink


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  2. use ISO and rice, and shake it around in there until it all comes off.
  3. ISO? dont know what that is. rice seems like it would maybe work.
  4. iso is rubbing alcohol.
  5. ISO=isopropanol
  6. salt is 80% gone with the ISO + rice. still a small amount of salt remaining on sides.

    Would you guys reccomend using Iso+rice rather than ISo+salt for general cleaning purposes-
  7. i aways use salt n iso to clean my pieces.... jus rinse the shit ouuta it with water
  8. hot water is ur best friend lol

  9. what?? I allways use 91% iso. alcohol and theres allways a shit load of salt left. For the OP, Just use some 91% Isopropyl rubbing alcohol that you can find at any pharmacy. Pour enough alcohol into the bubbler as if your putting water into it before you smoke it, and then pour a good amount of salt into your bubbler any way you can.( i usually pour it in through the bowl) Now plug up all the holes I.E the bowl, mouth peice, and carb hole, and begin to shake vigorously for a few minutes. Keep repeating the shaking part untill you notice that all the resin build up is disapated and gone and the alcohol inside your bubbler will become a nasty brown color, Dump all the alcohol out and rinse out your bubbler very very well with warm water to make sure you got all the alcohol and salt out and there you have it a nice perfectly clean bubbler.
  10. salt dissolves in hot water
  11. /thread.
  12. :hello:

    That is exactly what i did in the first place, and why i started this thread. I have always used salt and iso, this time the salt stuck to the glass. cant get out . tried hot water. more rubbing alc . and the alc + rice

  13. You sure it is salt?

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