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help. girlfriend issues and my smoking for medication.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by repctx254, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. okay. my girl used to smoke, but only for fun.

    i've been smoking a couple years now habitually for a couple years
    and stopped about six months ago for her.

    im bi-polar depressive.
    i had severe depression and they prescribed me Seroquil for it.
    i took it for two months and had 2 suicide attempts on it.
    so i quit taking it, and started smoking weed.
    it mellowed me out, and equalized my moods.
    well when i stopped six months ago it started affecting me again.
    i couldn't sleep, i have severe mood swings,
    my temper is so volatile.
    its affecting our relationship...
    well i started smoking recently without her knowing...
    and its making a change on me...
    but she found out and completely flipped out about it.
    i tried to tell her its simply medicinal...
    but she refuses to believe it.

    how can i help convince her its for the sake of our relationship
    and my personal health?

    i know i should have told her i was smoking again...
    but i wasn't thinking and just want to feel better.
    can anyone help me?
  2. The term is manic depressive. And you aren't alone.

    I would respectfully tell your girlfriend that you are doing it for your own well being, If you aren't a legal patient but are self medicating then I would consider looking into making it official. Hopefully your girlfriend can see the positive effects cannabis has on you and can understand that you are using it responsibly.

    I try to figure out why exactly she doesn't want you smoking. She should respect you enough to let you make those type of decisions.

    I personally can't stand girls that try to come between me and Mary Jane. One bitches and complains, the other comforts and relieves me in my time of need. :smoking:
  3. she is younger than me (only a year) but is a selfish seventeen year old girl.
    and thinks that because i smoke i care it more than her.

    and i cant officially become a legal patient.
    i live in texas. no medical marijuana here.
    i self medicate.
    and i know usually a girl tries to come between me and mary and i kick her to the curb. but im in love with this girl and dont want this to end.
    but i have to be able to help myself right?
  4. Idk dude you're in a pretty tough situation..
    Like you and the other dude said, you really are gonna have to fight with this it seems..
    IMO what I would do is sit her down and talk to her about it..
    Try comparing seroquil to mj both being medicines..
    Let her know that on sero you attempted twice, and if one of two of those attempts weren't well..attempts, then you would not be here today to continue loving her and caring for.
    Compared to say..MJ which has had no major negative effects on you, but helped you and did not make you want to hurt yourself and take your own life out of this world..(correct me if wrong). You know what i'm saying?
    I mean MMJ/MJ is just so medicinal its insane..
    So comparing it as a medicine to another negative medacine is completely sane.
    So just help her realize ya know?
    Open her eyes, and hope her ears are open as well bro.
    Best of luck to you..stay off that fucking sero man..
  5. thanks man.
    yeah thats why i dropped that shit.
    im goin to talk to her about it tommorrow night.
    we fought the othler night and it kinda slipped out when she told me i was being an asshole and irrational.
    and she gave me the f*ck you look.
  6. Hey bro you can sugar coat this if you want, but she needs to realize this isn't about her, she needs to get over herself and be happy that you're happy. How the hell was she happier with you being so depressed and almost committing suicide?

    Let me guess, when you were on prescription meds you were up and down all the time, I bet you turned to her a lot for answers/guidance/help. She helped you, but in turn, inevitably she got used to the control of giving you guidance and support, aiming you in the "right" direction.

    One more guess, now that you're smoking that sweet mj you have been mellowing out and maybe making some of your own decisions now maybe not needing as much of a crutch(gf) as before. It's not that you love her less, you just don't need her helping you that way now that you found something that helps you be your own man.

    On top of that she can be a bit scared of change as this is a definite change for you, yes?

    Now this was all just a guess, please correct me if I am wrong in any assumptions made.

    But it would seem as though your beezy is having some control issues
  7. Yeah no problem bro, glad to help. Or at least try :wave:
    Ah I see whatcha mean..
  8. I would explain it to her how it helps you and that its a better alternative to sero.. basically what others have said. Try to explain also that doctors proscribe amphetamines and other usually illegal drugs for medical patients.

    But if she is too hardheaded to realize that it is a beneficial thing to you, honestly man i can't see what You see in her.
  9. I'm sorry and no offense, but women are generally brainless and this is a pretty apparent example of so. I've had problems with this type of thing before. I was dating my ex a year ago and when she found out I was smoking she flipped out. She would call me crying, telling me weed does bad things to you, and telling me I need to quit. Of course I tried to stop but that lasted about a week and realized no girl is worth quitting for, although I don't necessarily use marijuana medicinally. I just kept it secret from her.. hehe.

    and of course, nowadays she hangs out with kids that smoke weed pretty often but I don't think she has done it. Just goes to show women and their arrogant ways of thinking.

    tell her straight up, you need it. It shouldn't be an option for you if MJ helps you out as much as you're saying. Tell her you consider it medicine and that its necessary.

    I wish you luck sir.

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