Help! from Evergreen, Colorado

Discussion in 'General' started by GreenFloyd420, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Yo guys, I just moved to Evergreen from Florida with my fam and know absolutely nobody out here. I'm 18 and Lookin for someone to burn with!
  2. Maybe

    What's your favorite color
  3. Skeptical also?
  4. Yup haha
  5. I don't prefer one over another haha. Add me on facebook if you're skeptical. I'll even send you the picture of my arrest for possession in FL...
  6. You guys are acting like weed is illegal or some shit in CO
  7. How much did you have?
  8. Probably a little under 2 grams of what was left of a quarter. Plus a vaporizor and a grinder
  9. How old are you? Im 19
  10. 18. I'll be 19 in June
  11. Evergreen is prolly too far, im closer to the downtown denver area
  12. Yeah that's an hour or so from here i think. Shitty.
  13. I'm Dan or Daniel or Danny. Call me whatever the hell you want haha. Nice to meet ya!
  14. Describe evergreen is 5 words please
  15. Beaujo's pizza, rio del something, trees, old people, mountains
  16. i'm over by Hiwan something i'm not too familiar with the area yet i just moved out here the 15th.
  17. Trees old people and mountains.. and you have weed... still not happy?

  18. My birthday is in June!! June what?

    AND I USED TO LIVE IN FLORIDA!! Where in Florida did you live?

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