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Help for my brother?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrendSetta, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Basically, my brother blazes and my mum doesn't know about it (i've moved out). he really likes it and recently all he's been talking about it letting mum know because he wants to show he respects her by saying and it helps him get through a lot of tough times and he now realizes how much his family mean to him (genuine) he got great grades, is doing well in further education and holds down a part time job too. I was wondering the best way for him to approach my mum i know this might be weird me asking you about my mum but i really want to help him. Reason i ask is because maybe some of you have confronted your strict parents?

    Ps: she lets him drink when ever he wants, he can stay out till when ever he wants so shes not strict to be fair, also she took his bong and his empty weed jar (which stunk and put it on his cabnet). so what would be the best advice for him?
  2. Find common ground, talk sense into the mom by having her respect her child is growing and is going to make his own decisions. Return the favor by respecting the living quarters by not smoking at their place.
  3. tell him to sit down and watch The Union with her. thats wat id do if i ever told my parents :smoke:
  4. She found his bong and stash jar and didn't take them away? I'd say he should just go for it then.
  5. I watched "The Union" three days ago, and it was extremely informative in explaining marijuana's place in the world we know today. It shows how marijuana is becoming increasingly accepted, especially for medical use.

    Also, if he's getting great grades and holds down a part time job, all while smoking, it would present a great case. Moms usually just want their kids to do well in school and be successful, so the only thing I could imagine her being scared about is its illegality, and, if she is misinformed, (she probably is) the negative health effects which are minimal.
  6. no, she took the bong
    left the empty weed jar which stunk
  7. How old is your brother and where do you live?
  8. Thats not creepy at all...

    lol jk
  9. Avoid "the union"

    Think about it, would you be influenced by an anti marijuana propaganda film?

    Why would she change her mind because of a pro marijuana propaganda film?

    Fuck using the union as a way to "convert" non smokers.

    When he brings up mj with your mom, tell him to focus on his emotional arguments. like how he feels about it, how it helps him, his concerns and hers. Women are more likely to sympathize with these arguments, especially moms.

  10. More like extra considerate, since his age and regional laws most certainly affect my opinion and advice on this situation :wave:

  11. the union argues the point of how weed should be legalized because it doesnt have many health effects and its beneficial. AND they cite all the sources and have a wide variety of people with good backgrounds defending it. it makes it pretty hard to deny the facts
  12. #13 Something New, Dec 1, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, 2011
    fair enough, just like OP's brother your intentions were good. Was just poking fun at your post. :smoke:

    EDIT: On Topic.

    IMO show your mom respect by not saying anything to her until your brother has moved out and is independent. Just the way I would do it. Cause I'm a bit of a pacifist and I think your brother should avoid this whole situation lol.
  13. Funny you should say that, because the government also has cited "facts" saying the complete opposite.
    this is the idea she has grown up with, one stoney movie will not change her mind.

    Please reread my 2nd & 3rd sentences in my above post...

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