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Help!!! First time grower and i think im not doing to well.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Kurdy21, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone
    I have 3 unsexd plants the are about a week and a half old , i beleve i over watered them i need help, there on a 24/0 cycle for the veg . My question is when can i start watering them again they have been dry (not watered) for 24 hours and they are in jiffy pots still. When the leafs lift back up is the a sign , or are they gunna die ?!?

  2. They're looking okay mate - they're just upside down thats all :D

    The temp does look a little high - is it at 80f?

    What is the temperature and the humidity range of your room?

    What lights are you using? (type,watts,spectrum)

    What medium is that?

    Have you used any feeds?

    Can you check the PH?

    Do you know the hardness of the water in your area?
  3. It just looks like they are stretching too hard. If Ur using CFL's I would lower them to about an inch and a half from the plant.
  4. when will you stop 24/0 lighting?
  5. too me they look like they have been over watered honestly your not suppose to water every day your suppose to get a feel for when the pot is dry and needs watering and get a feel right after a watering also another thing when you start to use nuts use 1/4 the recomended doseage and you want some run off from the bottom of the pot about 5 to 15% run off btw they do look like they are streching i would drop the lights and if i looked right its 80 degress its too hot it should be about 70 to 75 degress also put a fan to blow on the plants those stems look scrawny
  6. another thing i forgot over watering can actully kill your plant over time and does more harm then good your suppose to water/fert wisely :wave:

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