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  1. So I'm looking to purchase my first round of seeds. I know what I want and I am almost settled on where I would like to buy them from. My dilemma is I am in the tristate area and I do not have access to any hydro shops. So my only option is to order online. I have looked at every seed bank the google has to offer from local to overseas. One thing they all offer is discreet shipping, however, you hear stories about people's purchases being seized by the feds but that's usually in cases of larger imports. You also hear about people receiving fines and having their orders seized by local authorities. Now since this is my first buy and I don't know much about federal laws prohibiting such purchases is quite resistant to give my information to any seed bank and I am even less comfortable giving out my shipping address. So I am looking for any tips and information on,
    >What are the risks?
    >How to limit risks?
    >Most trusted seed bank?
    >Options for shipping locations?(eg. PObox)
    >Things to avoid?
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  3. All of us not in the "cool" states order online. There is a good thread on seed banks somewhere on here.
    Risks - None
    Most trusted? Most of them but I use ILGM.
    Options? Home. Po box.
    Things to avoid? Worrying. And possibly breaking your ! button.

    Feds have far more to worry about these days than seeds in a country where legal and decriminalization states are being added yearly. And the current executive has stated on multiple occasions that pot is not even on his list of priorities.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  4. My good friend Herbie is quite the fella.
  5. I ordered my first seeds from Bonza. They arrived in 12 days, no problems at all. I was definitely anxious and worried but realize now it was a bit ridiculous. Don't worry. In terms of actual quality, I can't really comment. I have my first seed in coco right now waiting for it to break the surface.

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