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  1. i have a couple of plants growing there doin pretty good for my first time. i was wondering if they will still bud if they dont get alot of sun. i had too choose between sun or security and i picked security. i would say they get around 6 to 7 hours of direct sunlight everyday. unknown strain. i got the seeds from some pretty dank kind bud. there about 2 ft tall and have started preflowers about 2 weeks ago. im using some shitty lawn fertilizer thats slow release ( i know thats bad) but i put it in water till its all disolved then dilute it with 2 liters of water. its high in nitrodgen i forget the exact numbers. but its got a low first number medium middle number and high last number.(i heard thats what your suppose too have) let me know if you guys want pics. thank you. plz give me some help or advice.
  2. "N-P-K"...if the first numbers low, its low in nitrogen. 6-7 hours of sunlight should be enough to get some good buds though

  3. oh well ik for a fact that its high in nitrodgen. the guy i got it from which is my boss that does landscaping said it was high in nitrodgen and i remember the bag said it was 28 percent nitrodgen and i forget the other numbers
  4. For flowering u want a npk with #'s like 2-15-10... if it is 28%Nitrogen, thats too much. u want higher levels of phos and potassium, thats the p-k part of the n-p-k...6-7hrs is good, but not great. You will get buds, but they wont grow as big or dense, and less resinous..

  5. whats a good fertilizer too use for flowering. i just found out today that one of my plants is a female. im like 60 percent sure the other one is too but idk. yea i stopped the fertilizer and i put some mud over the top soil cause its very high in nutrients so hopefully that will help it.
  6. Hey it sounds like you don't really know too much about what nutrients to use, let alone how to apply them. Since you're new, I would suggest using an organic nute since you will be less likely to burn your plants. Try mixing together the following: Alaska fish emulsion (5-1-1) and alaska flowering nute with fish emulsion (0-10-10). This should give you plenty of readily available nutes. Im no expert or anything, but I've always had success with fish emulsion. I do use other fox farm products too but not in great concentration because a little goes a long ways when feeding your plants concentrated nutes. Hope this helps and gl!

  7. i think i might go with fox farm tiger bloom. ive heard alot of good things with fox farm products. what do you think will be better fox farm tiger bloom or your idea about the fish emulsion. yea im a newbie as i stated first grow. thank you for the great advice.
  8. Well both the tiger bloom and fish emulsion are both very good products. But the tiger bloom isn't completely organic. It's very concentrated so if you do use it, be careful not to mix too much. Follow the instructions. Also the fish is way cheaper and better for the ground(if you're growing right in the ground and not in a pot). If you have more than one of the same type of plants then you can try each nute on each of them for your own comparison. From what I've seen, as long as you give them the nutrients they require, they will grow really good. But it's always good to experiment because each year you're going to learn some new stuff for the next years grow. Oh and another thing, organic nutes seem to feed the plant for a longer period of time, where as the synthetic ones get absorbed and/or just leach into the ground. So if it's a spot where you can only get to once in awhile, then I would use organics. Like my spot: Its 200 miles away from my house so when I go there I use fish and/or foxfarm liquid nutes. Then after I water them, I sprinkle guano around the base of the plants so everytime it rains, they get a little dose. So basically there really isn't a right or wrong when it comes to using organic or synthetic. It's just personal preference.
  9. Correction: the Alaska more bloom fish emulsion I wa talking about isn't 100% organic. The veg one is though. Idk. It works great for me and has never burned my plants.

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