help finding song?

Discussion in 'General' started by SirKevin, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Hi boys (and girls)

    Locating a song has been bothering me lately... it is a very quick, modernish rock song and the only lyrics I really remember is something about 'through the years', which isn't really enough to Google.

    Any help and I'd high-five ya'll.
  2. the song kind of narrates the ups and downs of a relationship, I believe.
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    Couldn't be that, could it?
  4. is it relatively new? does it play on the radio? where did you hear it?
  5. yeah, we need a little more input :wave:
  6. I believe relatively new... I've heard it on the radio a couple times within the past few months. As I said, it's pretty fast.
  7. Any help? :(
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    What band? Or what does the music sound like? What kind of singing, like singing or yelling or screaming? I bet I know it too.

    "After all this time, I stand by you. Through all of the years, I stand with you." Is that it?
  9. I don't think I can describe it anymore than I did above... I wish I remembered more.
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    I don't know man that's really vague. You can't remember anything else? What the singer sounded like? Any other way to describe the music? That song above is Eye of the Storm by Killswitch Engage, I don't know if that's it but maybe you can try that and see if I'm going in the right direction? It's not exactly short or that fast, but the lyrics kinda match with your description. Only thing that comes to mind.
  11. Which radio station was it? What type of music do they play? Can you name a band that sounds similar?
  12. I think it was 102.1 the edge in Toronto -- or something similar. It was rock/alternativeish rock... not too sure about a similar sounding band.

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