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  1. Anyone have this problem? Started today the leaves up top are drooping pretty bad... but the bottom leaves are fine... overwatering is definitly not an issue because today i watered after 3 days and the soil was dry and pot was light... the lights are raised to the max since my tent is only a 2×2×4... temps around 75-80 humidity around 45-50rh any help would be great since the plants been flowering for about 2 weeks now

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  2. Difficult to see colors and such with those lights, but it appears that you caught the drought just at the beginning.
    Keep an eye on the old leaves and the new growth. If either changes, you may have issues.
    See of you can work out watering so that you don't let the pots get quite so light.
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  3. The pot was light but wasnt like completely dry... i rewatered this morning with nutes since the last watering was just phd water... could it be the plant is stretching to close to the lights? Its been hot here like 40c outside but my grow room temps never reach above 84..

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  4. Does it stay droopy all day or does it happen before lights out?
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  5. Good question, Zone92
    I would think that the heat does have something to do with it, as the plants were wilting from the top down.
    The parts that were closest to the heat source couldn't transpire and cool.
    Keep in mind that in a container, the roots don't have the freedom to seek out the pockets of moisture that would normally exist underground. They are constrained to a very specific area. So if a section were to get dry, the other roots would not have as much chance to support the dry part.

    Just for information, my last grow was with a 1000W HPS and it was easily within 14 to 16 inches of the plants for most of the grow. If you put your hand at the top of the plants, it felt like the sun at noon in Jamaica. The plants can take a lot of heat if they have the water available to dispel that heat through evaporation.
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  6. Used to droop at night i have a camera in my grow room to check on it when im not at home... they usually perk back up around 6am and lights come on at 7 am.. this is has been ongoing
  7. Im using a 300watt and a 1000watt led grow light the only heat i see coming from the light would be from fan... the light itself is not hot where the leaves are... could this be wind burn? I did notice she stretched into the fan abit... ive never had windburns before i have no idea what it looks like lol
  8. that is totally normal.... you droop when you sleep too... :)
    Probably not...

    I'm quite sure it's a water issue. If the increased frequency doesn't change things in a week, then look for another cause.
  9. If you’re certain it’s not too much water then they may be getting the appropriate amount of light and start sleeping ahead of when yours lights go out. Mine do that outdoors all the time.
  10. Yeah they mostly droop at night then perk up in the morning.. ive relocated the plant, light, fan, and fed nutes. they seem to be permanently damaged as theyre not perking back up but they look alot healthier lol

  11. They'll come back. Give them a few days of easy going and maybe a foliar spray and they should perk back up.

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