HELP!!! dont wanna screw up my plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by happydayz24, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. Seeds have appeared on one of my females. it already has some decent buds on it. do i take it out of my grow room, the others are well into flowering too.
  2. Unless it's hermi (good chance that it is or another plant is) there would be no reason. The obvious question would be is there males in the grow room? I'm guessing no lol.
  3. No males there. Guessin it is a hermie. If it is do i have to get rid of it? The others are well into flowering but can they still be contaminated?
  4. How far into flowering? and how many plants? Hermies can pollinate another female just as fast as a male can. If there pretty far into flowering the pollen sacks will be on the buds and will generally have a yellowish color. I would find it and isolate asap otherwise your whole crop will be seeded.
  5. bout 6 weeks into flowering. 4 others in room. Can see pollen sacks. Not good. But it is the blueberry that might be hermie so does that mean i will get guranteed female seeds from it? That'd be nice

  6. if your sure there where no other males, or hermi's, then yes that plant will produce fem seed. but id isolate it from the others unless u want reg seed on the others. got pics?
  7. will try n get some up soon. Am thinkin about giving it 48 dark n chop it, buds are reasonable size but aint got the space to keep it seperated, plus only got one room n dont want the fan blowin polenm about. Will still get a few nice nugs

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