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HELP, Did I mess up on my canna butter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Uhhboo, May 18, 2010.

  1. Well, I used a different method to make canna butter by adding about 8oz of water to a pan and heating it to MED. I placed a mason jar and added about 4tbsp of butter (real) and 4grams of marijuana ( high grade ) and after my 35 minutes of simmering, my butter came out like this.. and what did I do wrong because pink?

  2. Shit man ive never heard of useing water&butter.
    Thc only can be tranfered into fat!
    I wish i could help dude.
  3. Well like dude, the picture shown above is all liquid. I have to store in the refriderator and then wait for it to solidify and then all the butter will be on the top and the nasty liquid will be on the bottom. I am just wondering if I did this corrrectly. Never in my 3 times of making canna butter experiences came to this " pink liquid " before.
  4. Did you use a jelly jar by chance? It does not look normal. I've never had it turn pink. If anything, it might turn brown...but not pink.
  5. I used a Mason Jar. It hasn't turned brown yet
  6. umm dude if weed gets wet it will lose all THC sorry to say this i know this for a fact cause i was told this and didnt belive it so i got my weed a bit wet and it didnt get me high just made me sick.
  7. I read on most recipes on making canna butter that they added water , butter, and weed and after the extraction, the butter hardened as in when they poured the "stuff" in a bowl and let it sit in the fridge, all the fat will rise and harden and underneath is the water mixture but idk why my shit turn pink help?
  8. I've used that method before, on the stove and in the crockpot. It turned green, not pink. I honestly have no clue about that.

    Oh - and the myth about weed losing thc when it is wet is just that - a myth. It's the mold/mildew that grows on wet, rotting plant material that will make you sick.

  9. But my weed wasnt moldey or anything it was good weed wonder why i got sick. :confused: eh forget about it dosnt matter now.
  10. you dont actually add water to the butter. you put water in a pot and then put another pot resting on the bottom pot. start up your stove and let the water boil then add your butter, let it melt then add the weed, the water never should actually mix with the butter and weed.

    To fix this heres what ya do, you need to put this all in tubaware in the freezer. what i believe will happen is the water will all go to the top and the butter will go to the bottom. you may be able to salvage the butter. if that doesnt work i guess you could try putting it over the stove on low and wait tell most of the water evaporated.

    Hope this helped you out.

    P.S have no clue why its pink
  11. Dont know if u fucked it up, but DEFINITELY dont use water next time, use ALL butter, melt a nice amount of butter into a pot then once its all simmery, turn it to med-low or so around there, put a nice amount of ground up bud in there, and stir continuously for 30+ mins, the longer the better
  12. With the butter in water, you stick the whole thing in the fridge. The butter will solidify and you can just grab it out of the container after a little bit. The idea is that the water allows you to cook a little higher and faster, the butter won't burn, and it can be easier to strain later.
  13. hm, i haven't heard of people using water like that. Well i think there is something you haven't told us because there is no explanation for why the butter turned pink.
  14. hope it works still man, since u used 4g of dankk . hate to see that go to waste
  15. Nope, THC doesn't dissolve in water, only in fat!

    I have tried this method before, of boiling some water with butter and weed. I liked that there was no possibility of burning the
    buttah! It DOES work btw, adding the butter directly to boiling water. To be honest I've never used any other method.
    I was left with a soft cannabutter and weird milky white water! I don't know why yours turned pink.

    Does it smell strange at all? It also looks like there's a red residue above the weed in your jar -- was that there before you poured the mix in?
    The only other thing I can think of, is maybe the pan wasn't completely clean.

    Hopefully it's fine :) cheers!~
  16. Damn theres alot of misinfo. Greendream is exactly right, alot of ppl add water and butter into the same pot (its now my fav method) because as you heat it, the mixture cant exceed the boiling temp of water, as long as theres water youll never over cook the butter. Then you put it in the fridge and the fat floats to the top and the nastsy water is on the bottom. This method works great with coconut oil, i strongly recommend using it.

    I know in hashmoufs purple and green iced tea (which doesnt work, citric acid is pretty polar and THC in nonpolar) his lemon juice turned a pinkish color. And i also just read about someone making qwiso and it turned out pink. Maybe theres just some strains of weed with additional pigments. I wouldnt be too worried
  17. my water usuauly comes out pink to but my butter works,, dont panick urself
  18. #18 Morgasm, Mar 17, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2012
    I don't think that's true... if you use a pot directly on a burner you run the risk of heating the bud up too much, regardless of if there's water in with it or not.
    The only way that you can ensure that the weed will not heat up more than to the boiling point of water, is to double boil it.

    Double boiler - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  19. Really?
    I've only ever made butter using water with it.
    How do you guys make yours, just simmer the butter or something?
  20. There are certain 'unmentionable' substances that are sometimes colored pink when they are of low quality, and the same substances, due to their cheap nature even without coloring (especially inexpensive to the dealer) have been known to be used for lacing herb which otherwise would be too low in quality to sell, so the dealer can recover at least some of his losses... :(
    Cannabis is a very tame drug, it doesn't take much of an inexpensive chemical, to cause sensations that, while much different, are more powerful than most cannabis.

    Besides that, there are certain rare plants that do produce glandular material (not just the leaf or flower, but the actual glands) with hues of blue, pink and purple.
    However, those colors only really show when gathered in concentration, not in dilution... we'll see pink, purple and blue tinged bho/iso, from time to time, but while it's diluted in the solvent (like your butter) it looks quite normal. So this is very doubtful.


    And yes, the old fashioned 'water-butters' are considered out of date and ineffective!

    They were only even popular due to a myth that they protected your potency from burning, then rumors began that it was somehow necessary for the process, that it was a 'catalyst' which simply isn't true or scientifically accurate.

    The worst part of all, with 'water-butters', the material is still exposed to the temps from the heat source directly below. Even many crock-pots, without auto-switching and temperature sensors, are not good to use.
    Besides the increased damage, when you add water to the entire mix, you're diluting and contaminating your 'edible solvent' which adds more time to the process and heat exposure... this is why the experts, not only recommend pure butter, but they recommend clarifying your butter to remove the small traces of water (and milk solids) it contains!

    Besides the oven which is another good option, double boilers are ideal if you need to use your stove-top, or if you only have a hot plate.

    They are MUCH better than using the water blended with your butter, because you have an actual barrier that lies between your valuable potency, protecting it from the blistering hot heat source. :hello:

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